Hunting as psychopathology?

The first president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Theodor Heuss (1884 - 1963), said: "Hunting is just a cowardly description of a particularly cowardly murder of an event that has no chance. Hunting is a side form of human mental illness." Is hunting really some form of human mental illness and so psychopathology? Is … Continue reading Hunting as psychopathology?


Wild pig NEW DATA FROM ITALY Scientific data from Italy show that the increase in the population of feral pigs and thus the increase in damage to agriculture and traffic accidents is a direct result of hunting pressure on this species. Andrea Mazzatenta from the University of Teram in his report proves that the increase … Continue reading WILD PIGS REPRODUCE FASTER BY HUNTING

Fish that destroy health.!.

P. laniarius When you read what kind of fish it is, you will avoid it anyway, but when you find out that it is harmful on top of everything, you should even ban these fish! Who says all fish are healthy to eat? It's not true! A good example is panga or slender catfish or Bengal … Continue reading Fish that destroy health.!.