Moroccan-style couscous with vegetables

Golden colored and beautifully scented couscous with roasted seasonal vegetables is a real summer treat and is as good as it looks. The preparation is simple and quick - everything will be on the table in 20 minutes. A bowl of salad and/or a glass of red wine goes well with it. The combination of … Continue reading Moroccan-style couscous with vegetables

Avocado and chickpea spread

Make an avocado and chickpea spread for a healthy lunch or afternoon snack. INGREDIENTS (4 servings) 2 ripe avocados 200 g of chickpeas 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice 2 tablespoons of olive oil 1 red onion 1 fresh pepperoni salt 4 slices of bread bunch of garlic shoots (or chives) PREPARATION Cut the … Continue reading Avocado and chickpea spread

Spinach-salt pastry

Spinach and cheese cake is great for a snack or snack, and it's even healthier than store-bought snacks. INGREDIENTS (4 servings) 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 red pepper 150 g of vegan feta 200 g of frozen spinach 2 tablespoons of oil salt ground black pepper 2 teaspoons of dried oregano 450 grams … Continue reading Spinach-salt pastry

How to move from a state of fear to presence, connection and cooperation?

Fear is usually at the bottom of unresolved questions. Fear prevents us from recognizing our path in life, from following what brings us joy. Fear prevents us from responding consciously, from participating in life as a whole being. An example of a daily dose of fear is various news and daily reports. The extraordinary pace … Continue reading How to move from a state of fear to presence, connection and cooperation?

Hot veggie burger

An excellent hamburger can also be prepared in a vegetarian version. INGREDIENTS (4 servings) 200 g of peas 400 g of cooked chickpeas (can be canned) 200 g of pickled corn salt pepper cumin 1 onion 3 cloves of garlic 1 egg 80 g plain flour olive oil for frying 4 whole grain bombettes 2 … Continue reading Hot veggie burger

Smoothie bowl with coconut and almonds

Delicious sos recipe Ingridients For 1 person: 2-3 bananas 1 cup berries (fresh or frozen) 1/4 cup coconut flour 1/4 cup almond flakes (or sliced ​​almonds) Preparation Peel the bananas and mix them in a blender together with forest fruits. Pour into a bowl and sprinkle with any filling (e.g. coconut flour and almond flakes).


Basic food balance The body detoxification program is basically the answer to the modern lifestyle and all the pitfalls that lie behind it. A lot of stress, improper diet with a lot of animal products, improper fermentation processes in the large intestine, environmental pollution, too much or too little physical activity and negative emotions (anger, … Continue reading BASIC BALANCE – THE KEY TO OPTIMAL HEALTH

99.4% curability of coronary heart disease with a plant-based diet

Can coronary heart disease be cured? Coronary heart disease is a condition in which the flow of blood through the coronary arteries is disturbed and, as a result, the heart muscle is not supplied with enough blood. The condition mostly occurs in patients with coronary artery atherosclerosis (a condition in which the arteries are lined … Continue reading 99.4% curability of coronary heart disease with a plant-based diet

Cocoa made from homemade hazelnut milk

Best vegan alternative Ingridients For 4 people: 1 cup hazelnuts 4 cups of water 4 dates (to taste) a pinch of salt 2 tablespoons of cocoa vanilla extract or bourbon vanilla Preparation Soak the hazelnuts in water overnight. In the morning, drain them and blend together with one cup of water, dates and salt in … Continue reading Cocoa made from homemade hazelnut milk