Vegan cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics are not just a fad Chicken bone marrow found in moisturizers. "When I stopped eating animal ingredients, I never had acne again," Woody Harrelson, a movie star and longtime vegan, told Peta in an interview. Vegan cosmetics work according to this logic. If animal products harm the body from the inside, why introduce … Continue reading Vegan cosmetics

How are animal tests performed ????

Lethal dose testing: this test has been performed since as far back as 1927! The substance to be tested is forcibly poured or even "pumped" into the animal's throat and stomach. This often results in death as a result of injury to the throat or stomach with tubes pushed by animals to the stomach, or … Continue reading How are animal tests performed ????

Who suffers from beauty?

We women have always loved to be beautiful. We like to take care of ourselves, apply various creams and make-up that emphasize what is beautiful and hide our shortcomings. However, how many of us wonder where all these cosmetics come from? How do those who make cosmetics know which ingredients will have a beneficial effect … Continue reading Who suffers from beauty?