If mouse see then you will to see The meat processing industry is an increasingly monopolized sector of the global capitalist economy that uses animals as ultra-processed raw materials in automated and cost-reduced production processes. Only the shareholders of the meat industry benefit from this, to the detriment of all other stakeholders: precarious employees in … Continue reading FOR THE DEMOCRACY OF FOOD


Vegan food Justify what is your “why”? I myself truly believe that every decision or desire must be backed up by reason. Why you decide on something and why you act that way. This magical why can always bring you back to the right energy and remind you why you have set out on a … Continue reading 5 GOOD TIPS FOR NEW VEGANS

Vegan save water

Water On earth only 0.003% of unpolluted fresh water resources, and drinking water is increasingly prized commodity. With intensive agriculture and industrialization, the proportion of contaminated water sources increases. It is believed that the contaminated water is the main cause of illness and death in the world. Every day, because it dies of about 14,000 … Continue reading Vegan save water

MOM IS MOM. Let the child’s voice come to life in us again!

Mom, I'm scared. "“What? Not darkness and night? ”“Oh, no! I'm not afraid of the dark. I see everything in her. And you know, sometimes all that's not there. ""Not storms?""No! This airs my heart and eyes. Just like you say! ”"Rivers and winds?""Where! Your scent comes from the wind and then you are here … Continue reading MOM IS MOM. Let the child’s voice come to life in us again!