Why do fish swim in wine and beer?

Beer When shopping for processed foods, we most often rely on a label, which by law must state all the ingredients contained in the food product. Thus, we can identify among the ingredients those that are unacceptable for vegans, and for some they are even harmful, as they cause allergic reactions. What about alcoholic beverages? … Continue reading Why do fish swim in wine and beer?

Non-vegan food supplements (E)

120 Kohineal, carminic acid, natural red dye 4 (carmine) 153 Vegetable charcoal - dye It is probably derived from different parts of the animal, except in the case of the said plant origin. 161г Cantaxanthin (natural orange dye, xanthophylls) - dye Cantaxanthin is usually of plant origin, but is also sometimes obtained from fish and … Continue reading Non-vegan food supplements (E)


Shops are becoming more and more stocked with vegan products, and restaurants are trying to add as many vegan dishes as possible to attract more and more vegans to our places. We find loads of vegan recipes and tips online that give all kitchen enthusiasts new challenges. For many people, these things help a lot … Continue reading VEGANISM IN A NON-VEGAN SOCIETY

How healthy is tofu?

Tofu Tofu is one of the few plant foods that contains just about every protein the body needs. On top of that, it has a lot of antioxidants, minerals and good fats. But it is healthy only if we do not overdo it. Tofu originated in China and became popular in Europe and the United … Continue reading How healthy is tofu?