Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture – Organic farming in a vegan way

Find more information on the official Biocyclic website. Are fruits and vegetables really a vegan diet? At first glance, a really unnecessary question, as there is a general belief that such basic food is vegan because it does not contain ingredients of animal origin. If we take a closer look at the general practices of … Continue reading Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture – Organic farming in a vegan way

Vegan or non-vegan?

Vegans do not enjoy products of animal origin and if you choose this path, you do not have to look for role models and supporters for a long time, because more and more people are opting for a vegan diet. Clearly, animal products include meat, fish, dairy and eggs, and many foods make it a … Continue reading Vegan or non-vegan?

Extremely harmful meat

Mass livestock farming with its products of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs and products from them) is also very destructive in terms of health. Consumption of meat and other foods of animal origin is a risk factor for many diseases of civilization (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease…), also causes overweight and even depression, because a 1998 … Continue reading Extremely harmful meat

Vegan diet: 7 basic rules

Nowadays, more and more people are eating vegan. There are various reasons for this, but ethically motivated vegans often neglect their health, although a vegan diet is definitely good for their health (while many products of animal origin are among the most harmful foods because they often contain hormones, carcinogens, antibiotics and other harmful substances). … Continue reading Vegan diet: 7 basic rules

Why shouldn’t we eat pork?

Pork (or its cells) is very similar to human. Not only in composition, but also in taste (if we can believe the cannibals). Therefore, both humans and pigs have similar diseases, we are affected by the same drugs and we host the same parasites. Seven (pork) truths about pork: Pork contains histamine, which causes problems … Continue reading Why shouldn’t we eat pork?