Non-vegan food supplements (E)

120 Kohineal, carminic acid, natural red dye 4 (carmine) 153 Vegetable charcoal - dye It is probably derived from different parts of the animal, except in the case of the said plant origin. 161г Cantaxanthin (natural orange dye, xanthophylls) - dye Cantaxanthin is usually of plant origin, but is also sometimes obtained from fish and … Continue reading Non-vegan food supplements (E)

List of harmful E additives.!.

An additive or food additive is a chemical additive to a food that is used for the purpose of preserving, thickening or diluting, coloring or "adding" flavorings to it. Additive codes are most often given as "E ***" (E + three-digit number). Little is known about the impact of additives on human health. Some research … Continue reading List of harmful E additives.!.