Moroccan-style couscous with vegetables

Golden colored and beautifully scented couscous with roasted seasonal vegetables is a real summer treat and is as good as it looks. The preparation is simple and quick - everything will be on the table in 20 minutes. A bowl of salad and/or a glass of red wine goes well with it. The combination of … Continue reading Moroccan-style couscous with vegetables

5 things you need to know before you decide to go vegan

Vegan food Enjoy the process of transitioning to a vegan way of eating The first and most important rule is that veganism should be a fun and stress-free thing. But like all other changes in your life, changing the way you eat takes time and patience, because things don't happen overnight. When you're researching new … Continue reading 5 things you need to know before you decide to go vegan

Why not eat eggs???

The first reason is ethical, because theft, kidnapping and killing are not for the benefit of people as such, but are harmful to human health, both mentally and physically. Once an egg is introduced into the body from the yolk, a large amount of harmful so-called "Bad" cholesterol, which reaches the walls of the arteries … Continue reading Why not eat eggs???

Extremely harmful meat

Mass livestock farming with its products of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs and products from them) is also very destructive in terms of health. Consumption of meat and other foods of animal origin is a risk factor for many diseases of civilization (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease…), also causes overweight and even depression, because a 1998 … Continue reading Extremely harmful meat

Scientific reasons why do NOT eat meat

Is meat healthy? The question is: what does science say? Science - so don't advertise and fake advertisements. For example, if you believe that pomegranate has more and / or better antioxidants than e.g. apple, then you are a victim of false advertising. And this false advertisement is the result of a distortion of the … Continue reading Scientific reasons why do NOT eat meat

You certainly didn’t know that about garlic!

Numerous studies show that a clove of garlic a day is the key to good health. It is true, however, that such eating can lead to the end of your social life. So how do you enjoy garlic without disturbing your surroundings? Our grandmothers have repeatedly told us that garlic is extremely healing, our mothers … Continue reading You certainly didn’t know that about garlic!

Foods that severely raise cholesterol.

Not only good, it is healthy to know the ten worst foods that affect cholesterol. We talk about it all the time, but what exactly is cholesterol? The liver produces a waxy substance called cholesterol, which helps the body build cells, protects nerve cells, produces vitamins and produces hormones. The body can also get cholesterol … Continue reading Foods that severely raise cholesterol.

Two fruits that effectively lower cholesterol.!

Elevated levels of bad cholesterol in the blood are a common problem in modern society, but when cholesterol levels are not extreme, they can be alleviated by diet, which means eating foods that lower unhealthy fats. In this role, two fruits cut extremely well. An apple Apples come first. Apples contain a colorful palette of … Continue reading Two fruits that effectively lower cholesterol.!