Spinach-salt pastry

Spinach and cheese cake is great for a snack or snack, and it's even healthier than store-bought snacks. INGREDIENTS (4 servings) 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 red pepper 150 g of vegan feta 200 g of frozen spinach 2 tablespoons of oil salt ground black pepper 2 teaspoons of dried oregano 450 grams … Continue reading Spinach-salt pastry

Why can’t you resist the cheese?

There's no way you can resist cheese? Have you ever thought that cheese is like a drug? You were not mistaken, because as early as the 1980s, scientists found opiate morphine in cheese. In 1981, Israeli Eli Hazum and colleagues at Wellcome Research Laboratories reported traces of the chemical morphine, an opiate that causes addiction. … Continue reading Why can’t you resist the cheese?

What the dairy industry is hiding from us

Why are so many people convinced that dairy products are the best source of calcium? The cunning marketing campaign of the dairy industry is trying to tell us that drinking milk protects our bones from devastating osteoporosis, but perhaps the opposite is true. They start with children: the dairy industry is implementing a curriculum in … Continue reading What the dairy industry is hiding from us

Terrible harmfulness of milk !?!

Among the many foods that are attacked today by various well-trained and poorly trained food experts (who are often doctors), one of the basic foods is milk. They are trying to prove that he is harming us all along, saying that our ancient ancestor did not drink it. So it’s not in our genetic make-up. … Continue reading Terrible harmfulness of milk !?!

5 hidden animal ingredients that every vegan should know

Packaged, pre-prepared food can be our savior, on those days when we run out of time. As we have already written, it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging. But when we look more closely, many ingredients have long chemical names that seem almost created for not understanding and not … Continue reading 5 hidden animal ingredients that every vegan should know