Animals and their rights

difference Do animals have rights? Many animals are still denied their rights. In a few cases, only some species (such as, for example, cats and dogs) enjoy legal protection. This proves only one form of discrimination concerning the rights of animals. People make huge differences between different types, prices only those animals that they in … Continue reading Animals and their rights

Vegan food is really more expensive???

Just think, the cheaper beans or steak? What is the main food in third world countries? The myth of the expensive vegan diet is probably so much immersed among the people due to expensive vegan certificates initially present in more expensive vegan products. Or as skilful marketing campaigns highlight the latest vegan products. So many … Continue reading Vegan food is really more expensive???

Basic guidelines for planning vegan meals

When planning or vegan meals. menus, our aim is not only tasty, but should also be: rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, not too fatty, sweet or salty, rich in fiber and other beneficial nutrients from plants · nasitni; to provide a sufficient amount of energy, energy value (calories / kilojoules) meals … Continue reading Basic guidelines for planning vegan meals

Vegans can also help animals a lot by leaving the church

For all the time the church was very hostile to the animals, the Bible izvirajočo from his hatred of animals is anchored in its Catechism. There may in fact be read to the church permits to kill animals for food or making clothes, it is allowed to use animals for entertainment, such as hunting (known … Continue reading Vegans can also help animals a lot by leaving the church

Human anatomy-vegan

Man is an anatomically herbivorous We most often label people as omnivores. This classification is based on observation, as people generally eat a wide range of plant and animal foods. However, observation is not the best technique for determining the most natural diet. A better and more objective technique is a look at human anatomy … Continue reading Human anatomy-vegan

Why can’t you resist the cheese?

There's no way you can resist cheese? Have you ever thought that cheese is like a drug? You were not mistaken, because as early as the 1980s, scientists found opiate morphine in cheese. In 1981, Israeli Eli Hazum and colleagues at Wellcome Research Laboratories reported traces of the chemical morphine, an opiate that causes addiction. … Continue reading Why can’t you resist the cheese?


Fraud and deception of consumers are nothing new, they go far back in history, we could say that they arose with the advent of marketing goods and services. In the field of food marketing, for example, the Romans included in their legislation official provisions against wine counterfeiters and against the marketing of unsafe food. This … Continue reading FRAUD IN THE FIELD OF FOOD

Milk does more harm than good

The long-held belief that milk benefits our health has been called into question by Swedish experts in their latest research. It showed that daily consumption of large amounts of milk can lead to health problems. For decades, we have believed that milk is good for our health and that it is therefore advisable to drink … Continue reading Milk does more harm than good


It is not unnecessary to remind you that every drop of milk in your morning coffee, tea or flakes is a deserving mom who did not make that milk to breastfeed you. It doesn't matter if you don't think about red and irritated cow udders during the morning cappuccino, I haven't (too) long, but when … Continue reading WOULDN’T SLOWLY STOP BREASTFEEDING?

Terrible harmfulness of milk !?!

Among the many foods that are attacked today by various well-trained and poorly trained food experts (who are often doctors), one of the basic foods is milk. They are trying to prove that he is harming us all along, saying that our ancient ancestor did not drink it. So it’s not in our genetic make-up. … Continue reading Terrible harmfulness of milk !?!

Gladiators – vegetarians

Austrian and Swiss scientists have found that Roman gladiators were mostly vegetarians A team of Austrian and Swiss scientists found that the Roman gladiators who fought relentlessly with animals and each other to entertain the plebs were mostly vegetarians. This rather surprising finding is the result of an analysis of bones found in cemeteries in … Continue reading Gladiators – vegetarians