Excommunication and cursing of clerical pedophiles-(vegan)

Bishop Kay Schmalhausen from Peru considers that the current penalties for pedophilia kleriško and its concealment inefficient and therefore calls for more severe penalties, including excommunication. Or was some pedophile cleric excommunicated from the church and not only fired from the priesthood? Was what the bishop or another cleric in high ecclesiastical position excommunicated because … Continue reading Excommunication and cursing of clerical pedophiles-(vegan)

Animals used for entertainment

During a visit to the circus, we rarely ask ourselves what motivates an animal to do something unnatural, even dangerous, such as. jumping through fire, jumping on one leg, or jumping into the water from swaying platforms high in the air. Animal trainers would like to convince the audience to entice animals into such behavior … Continue reading Animals used for entertainment

Veganism is an ethical choice.!.

If we compare the greenhouse gases released due to livestock and traffic, which are more? Livestock production causes 15% of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. They therefore cause more damage to the environment than the entire transport infrastructure, which includes cars, freight, rail and air transport. Protecting the environment comes with energy-saving light bulbs … Continue reading Veganism is an ethical choice.!.