giving love only to chosen beings is wrong. to give love to all is perfect love

Look at the home of your angel

Look at your home, angel,And take the cobweb off your eyes,You will see shocking scenes,You will see the unfortunate and the sick,You will see sorrow, death and misery.Look at the flock, angels,All cripples and beggars,The blind wander in the crowd,They broke everyone's spine,They expect salvation from you. Look at the acacia, angels,Their soul is cursed,They … Continue reading Look at the home of your angel


We have been counting the years since DaytonPeople are afraid of people and everyone votes for their ownThe people of Brda become citizensUntil yesterday, the lights were turned off with axes, and now they are in suitsMirnese, get them Mirnese, fuck their motherIf you start selling yourself, I'll fuck your mother tooYou know, ideology doesn't … Continue reading Motherfuckers.