I live in a part of the city that is close to the asylum
at home, but at the same time it is also more expensive
part of the city in terms of housing prices and
rents in them. It is in the house where I live
only half of such apartments in which
people live permanently, and the other part
rent and mostly live in them temporarily
students. One of these apartments
show on the Airbnb platform. In the basement
and – according to the statements of those staying there – damp
apartment in the last few years
made mainly by short-term tenants,
who mostly spoke Arabic, too
English, outwardly they looked like they did
they come from the Middle East, had
but we are also Russian or Ukrainian
speaking tenants. That’s what it looks like
multiculturalism in our block, and after
from everyday observations I conclude that v
the surrounding blocks are not much different.
A few days ago, it happened here
special mobilization. The neighbor saw
how is it from the upper floor window
of the adjacent, newer and more expensive block
the cat fell, got to its feet and ran
to the basement parking lot under the block. Very much so
was worried that the cat would be in the basement floors
died without help, that’s why she first
she searched the basement herself and set things up for her
food, and then she organized her own
neighbors who also owned one
cats to carry out a search operation together.
I joined this campaign myself and
how many hours we searched unsuccessfully for this cat,
whereby we have seen it set
the food remained untouched.

over cat owners who – that’s right
was visible – it was not in the apartment, and
asked about the background of the cat falling from the window.
By chance, he appeared on the road at that time
its owner. He spoke English, he said
would have come from the Middle East.
He listened to our questions in amazement
and watched our excitement about
lost cats. Then he said about
like this: “You Europeans are amazing. So
you are worried about one cat to organize
search operations, for people who run away from
war, i.e. refugees and defectors
you don’t really care and they hardly care
do it. As for my cat… it is
just an animal. And she’s been lost before,
even for a long time, but then she came
back.” And he didn’t want to join the new ones
campaigns to find your cat.

The neighbor replied something like this:
“It’s not true, we don’t care about people either. If
we care about cats, that doesn’t mean
that we don’t care about people. Both are possible
at the same time, and compassion for cats is part of compassion
to all living things.” But I did
thought, in all the last decades and at
of all the waves of refugees from the areas of the former
Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Africa
and I haven’t experienced a single one from anywhere else
neighbors’ initiatives for joint action
support. To be fair, it is
I didn’t give it myself. But I experienced initiatives
local institutions and residents’ petitions,
that the asylum should be removed from ours
the neighborhood or its residents strictly
to control. And I watch it almost
daily, sometimes several times a day,
a nurse drives by the asylum and
how police officers legitimize – it seems to me
yes always the same – black residents.
The police also occasionally come on horseback.
We also had an organized one on our street
protest group with carantan
to the Panthers against accepting refugees with
east and south. I witnessed how they
started the doors of our and neighboring blocks
lock more and more. And the entrances to equip
with complex security systems. That’s why
it wasn’t easy for us to get there either
to the basement parking lots and we had to go to this one
intention to use a specific “detour”.

All this comes to mind
somewhat bizarre associations and memories.
I occasionally visit the international web
dating site. And there I see
that people in their profiles often
define or each other
they ask if they are a cat person or a dog
person. Besides, I always think that no one
he doesn’t ask if there might be someone
people person. Then I have a friend,
who is a dog person and sets a boundary between
civilized and uncivilized nations
according to the criterion of whether they eat dogs there. After that
of course, China is excluded from the criterion.
But I haven’t heard her think about whether
maybe where they eat people, if not literally
at least indirectly, e.g. in terms of performance
towards killing people, maybe even
of genocidal action or establishment
conditions in which people live worse
and they die faster. And I still remember
the summer of 1975, when I was with a girl
in Portugal, where they were then
the situation is really bad and conflicting. After
hundreds of derelicts littered the roads
and skinny cats and dogs, but we saw
also many disheveled and emaciated people,
probably the displaced and the homeless who
were lying in the streets. My girlfriend always is
in restaurants, ordering baked girica,
probably the cheapest food for us at the time,
of which it then distributed half of them
to hungry cats. But it was enough for me
hardly acceptable to give them to cats,
but not to hungry people who are just like that
were nearby. My girlfriend’s argument
that’s why cats can’t fend for themselves
to help and that they are not to blame for their own
position. It is true that I did not give at that time
no initiative to make from their modest
earmarked part of the student funds
money for invitations to gigs
any of the homeless or skinny
children, of which there were many around us.
Such is our world. individualized,
complicated, scary, uncertain. Maybe to us
it is easier to feel sympathy for cats than for
people, but it’s definitely easier to do locally
gesture of offering help to one cat as
and get down to the action of offering help
to people where we easily get involved in
conflict relations with fellow human beings who may
they think differently, where the problems
politicize and where the backgrounds are (also
global and geopolitical) much more so
complicated and unmanageable.

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