The most beautiful piece of life. Sounds cliche to me. I think first
to all the positive associations and mantras we don’t believe in,
but we are convinced in them. At the same time, I am the one who
“I strive” many times, let’s put something positive in the newspaper! And he ate me
ended up writing the editorial of the optimistic issue of Kraljev. Ob
with all this, I often feel that I have to do well, nicely,
optimistic … to defend and justify.
People often ask me if there are happy stories
on Kralje. I usually answer, yes, there are. And then the people
they ask: “Really? If someone ‘picks up’, gets a job, an apartment, you are
start a family (and then live happily ever after)?”
The last part is usually not pronounced. But I can hear it in my head.
Everyone has their own fairy tale they are chasing and expectations
after fulfilling this fairy tale, they are high in society. Of course it is
happiness is also relative. At the same time, I wonder if this definition
which they sell to us at every turn. Advertising pollution
in cities and in the middle of the fields by the roads it is getting bigger and bigger. Selection of films,
virtual social networks, and often advertisements among them,
it targets our emotions and creates expectations. It’s a career
currently highly valued and having a job can give a person
a sense of worth, refinement and appreciation. But you can
also the feeling of being trapped… But all this is not new. He writes about it
most of the mainstream media. But we forget that it is not everyone’s path
run away from us and the same. For some it is not given or attainable
all this, or there is some other way that is “the right one” for them.
Happy stories then take different forms: showering
after long weeks, doctor’s visit, arrangement of personal
documents, being sober for a day… there are a lot of variations. The majority
the interlocutors are then shocked, which is not my intention. I want
just to explain to them that we don’t all have the same base, the same background
and the same habits. Most of them think it’s about the basics, some
they even make an explanation: “Aha! They are so lazy, incompetent!” That
indicates the inability to see into the life situation of another.
I think we forget that we live in a certain system. This one
some are more aware of the system than others. But everyone
the system has a section of people that sticks out of it: that they don’t have money or
that they have so much of it that they don’t know where to go with it. These are all extremes
current system. Steps are also part of this system. If
you earn money, a certain good is available to you. Just you
steps are also present in the field of work with the homeless.
I don’t defend them myself, but I work with them.
My most beautiful part of life will definitely be when there are podiums
changed into at least some sort of ramp. At the start of this ramp
but it will be the right to a home, since the home provides security from which
we can all create our own fairy tale. Of course, this view is
completely opposite to the existing one. But it’s not illusory, it is
it already exists in other European countries.


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