Fish bones

Capitalism will make me stop eating fish.
Not because I’m angry, dear. To that we at each
the product we buy is excessively scraped, I’ve already gotten used to it.
By no means did I come to terms with it, but I got used to it. It is capitalism
just like that. Buy cheap, sell expensive. The labor force pays as much as possible
less, preferably almost nothing, just to make more profit. Time
of refugees, which offers the cheapest and most illegal work
force, is ideal for greedy capitalists. As you can every day
we see, in some places it is almost a matter of modern-day slavery.
Products made from cheap raw materials and poorly paid labor,
the capitalist entrepreneur sells more expensively. Anything more expensive, excessively expensive!
Global capitalism is not just about profit, which is still there
once greater than the invested capital, but for the profit that must
be ten times, hundreds of times greater than the true value of the product. If that
is it not a boundless and inhuman devouring?
Yes, we are already used to all this. We were taught that
this is the most normal, that this is the meaning of capitalism. No
only capitalism, they even tell us that this is the point
democracy. This cannot and should not be true.
When we decided 30 years ago for an independent Slovenia and
for democracy, we did not opt ​​for capitalism, even less for
the most brutal turbo capitalism, for Slovenian ruthlessness
gluttony, for wild privatization, for stealing the commons
property, for the abolition of social rights… They pushed us. And
we agreed, and we are still agreeing to this historic stretch, because
they constantly tell us that all this is the essence of Slovenianness
independence and democracy.
We have become accustomed to buying products for everyday life after
overpriced. We have become accustomed to the fact that in the product we overpay for,
we no longer see a worker who works for less and less pay and without
social rights. We got used to it. They got used to us. And if a man
think carefully, getting used to it really means putting up with it,
agree, cooperate. Yes, we’ve come to terms with it, and that’s what we’ve done every time,
when we buy an overpriced product (which is overpriced even at a discounted price!).
blames that someone is underpaid for their work and that someone
unjustly riches at the expense of stolen work, and also at the expense of
of all of us who buy, buy, buy…
But I didn’t stop eating fish because of the inflated price.
I stopped eating and buying them because they revealed to me that they were
broken, half rotten, repackaged twice, although on the cover
it says: Fresh!! Just frozen once! Only yesterday in the sea! Most
Hello! A gift of nature on your table! So far I fish in good faith
bought as a quality food product. Why wouldn’t you believe it
to what is written on the cover of the item being sold? Well, now it is
revealed that the fish are old, already slightly inclined, and then in the cold
leads invigorated and packed once more. How many rotten fish I am
eaten, sure they are fresh or at least partially fresh?

We knew that the products were sold at an excessive price.
But we were afraid of the truth, that what is written on the sales page
articles, it’s simply not true. We didn’t want to believe it was capitalism
a lie. And a blatant lie at that. Moreover, a lie that is injurious to health,
harmful to the environment. From time to time we learn that they are someone
found that it sells substances in its products that are even dangerous.
Years ago they revealed that they were selling baby milk powder,
which contained ingredients dangerous to health, but which were good
taste, so milk powder sold better.
Every day, merchandise is placed on store shelves
expired, they just pasted the date and wrote
the new one. Or vegetables at the market that are sold as homegrown
and organic, but in reality it is cheap and illegally bought on
suburban truck parking lots. How many times have we
got angry when we bought expensive fruit that was tasteless, which is
rotted until the evening… The last time they caught something in the city market
sellers who sold cherries from their home garden. A young boy or
and the old woman with a scarf on her head looks straight into the customer’s eyes and
she tells him with all sincerity that the cherries were still on the tree in the morning,
and this in the sunniest home garden. Not even by accident
they were not from there.
Capitalism looks us in the eye and lies.
Even worse, he tries to teach the young generation that lies are real and
a legitimate path to success and wealth.
Fresh, high-quality, organic, home grown, home grown,
healthy, juicy, of the highest quality, awarded with international awards
awards, gold stars, diamond orders on
fictitious international fairs… All this is written on the products.
This is not hype, these are lies. The truth that occasionally only
comes to light, but of course it is different.

It is no secret that there are products that are intended for the Eastern European market and are
therefore lower quality, even harmful to health. And so it is with
another capitalist commodity. Cars that are more environmentally friendly
– a lie. Even an exposed lie. The auto industry paid
a punishment that was a mere pittance for her, the collateral damage of the enormous
profits. The industrialists even apologized. It’s like it’s on purpose
cheat her enough excuse!! They fixed the error and started right away
to think about where a new, non-market niche could be found, as we like
economists say, but a new niche for a new lie.
Capitalism has lived completely legally since the beginning
places. He tries to pay the worker as little as possible – thereby stealing a part from him
of his working time, part of his work – and changes it
into your profit. Capitalism is legalized and systemic theft.
We know that. As long as we know the global market, it has been systematically stolen
added a systemic lie. The old and rotten are sold for fresh,
harmful to healthy, industrially produced to organic and
boutique, they pack the same products in different packaging and
they sell at even higher prices, sell old for new, poison
for clean health, death for life… Even wars, epidemics and
hunger is ruthlessly exploited by capitalist entrepreneurs for more
greater enrichment. Even with the tragic Ukrainian war, they will be greasy
earned. And on both sides. They are probably already serving.
The point of capitalism is to maximize profit at any cost. Also
at the cost of philanthropy, even at the cost of human lives. The only one
the ethical standards of modern capitalism are profit and lies.
Truth, justice, honesty, humanity – all these are for capital
completely useless things. And this logic is slowly shifting too
to other areas of human life. The truth is what
you can prove it with a lie. You can buy the truth, trade it, even on
courts. Someone once said that to achieve a goal is allowed
everything. More than ever in history, we live this perverted motto
right now. In this day and age, it is really allowed to make a profit
absolutely everything.
Even the good sides of capitalism have dissolved into lies and fraud.
Capitalism is supposed to promote competition, creativity among
people, including healthy competition. A capitalist is said to be capable
a man, a good organizer, skillful in the best sense of the word.
He should also be a man of ethical values. Many capitalists in
in the past they really were. Today, that is no longer the case.

creativity has been replaced by lies, thievery, dishonesty.
Talent, knowledge and ability replaced lack of talent,
greed and political cronyism. Politics increasingly protects and
it favors ours rather than those who are capable. Illegal
acquired capital supports rulers of all colors and rulers
they gratefully return their support. Even worse, it’s dirty
capital always also in power.
All this led to a severe crisis of the state as an institution. The country
we humans invented it to make it easier to live, to make it ours
orderly, fair life, to have the same educational,
cultural and also business opportunities. The country should care
for our safety. Not only military and legal, but also for social.
Or mainly for social. And so the country turned into
a lot of lies, which, alas, it is true, protects capital and liars.
It is the state that should use its mechanisms to ensure that
in society, modern slavery would not be possible at all,
the state should ensure that work is fairly remunerated,
I should make sure that organic food is really organic food, yes
the information on the products would be accurate so that capitalists would not accumulate
its wealth at the expense of people and the environment. The country should
to sanction lies, commercial, economic and political frauds
with all justice and also with criminal radicalism. No, yes
the market inspection does not work as it should, the legislation
too lax that the punishments are minimal, even ridiculous, that the bastards
they are not punished at all or they are released very soon and
then they can sit in parliament again and even lead the country. Everything
this gives the appearance that the state of lies and cheats supports it, because it does
a system called capitalism.
However, capitalism is not the only possible way of life and society
We should have a country owned by the people and not by capital. Is this
even possible? Maybe we can do something with the new government
changed. We’ll see.

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