6 ancient Japanese tricks for a healthy and slim life

6 ancient Japanese tricks for a healthy and slim life

The Japanese are known for living long and healthy lives, but in reality, their secrets behind it are not that complicated. All of us will easily follow them.

While a nutritious diet, exercise and drinking enough water are universal rules for staying healthy and fit, each culture also has its own ideas and commandments on how to be the best version of yourself. This time we have found for you some key commandments that the Japanese diligently adhere to in order to maintain their health and slim line. And apparently the Japanese already know what they’re doing, as Japan ranked first in the World Health Organization’s list of healthy people living the longest, with 74.5 years.

  1. If you eat like a sumo wrestler, you’ll look like a sumo wrestler Sumo fighters do not put any emphasis on breakfast. They start training right away in the morning, followed by a hearty lunch. After lunch it’s time to rest. Later, there is training again and then dinner. So, they eat two big meals a day. But what we want to tell you is that they are proof that no matter how hard we train, if we don’t have a healthy diet, it’s all for naught and we’ll still gain weight. Eating large portions or eating a lot of fast food will completely negate the effort we put into training. Therefore, balancing your diet, exercise and sleep patterns is the only way to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Easy cooking The Japanese always use healthy cooking methods, including the use of heart-healthy oils, and not exposing raw foods to high temperatures for too long. When cooking, they use wok roasting, steaming, quick roasting, grilling, dishes are boiled quickly. They love fresh food and light toppings. This method of cooking fills us up, but at the same time leaves a light feeling in the stomach.

3. Heat is life

The idea that heat is life is mainly reflected in the concept that food is the energy we consume. Fruits and vegetables that grow in the summer help the body cool down more easily and adapt to hot temperatures, while foods that grow in the winter usually contain more calories to keep our bodies warm during the cold months. While eating raw vegetables and fruits is the start of a healthy diet, our bodies also need warmer foods, so eating a wide variety of perishable foods is the best way to ensure we get everything we need to be healthy and strong.

  1. A different attitude The Japanese are happy to devote time to food and are brought up in the spirit of enjoying food. This also means that they eat a wide variety of foods. In addition to their healthy attitude to food, they also devote a lot of their time to casual exercise, such as cycling and walking. Along with smart eating choices and being active, the Japanese stay slim and live long.
  2. They avoid drinking liquids during meals Many Japanese never drink liquids during a meal. The liquid cools the body, so drinking removes the heat the body gets while eating. Some scientists even claim that water neutralizes the acid that the stomach produces for digestion, causing the body to need even more energy to complete this digestion process. Otherwise, you can also provide your body with a sufficient amount of liquid through the food you eat, for example with fruits, vegetables and soups.
  1. A hot bath prolongs life Who doesn’t love a hot bath? This relaxes our muscles, accelerates blood circulation, and at the same time calms down. Many Japanese swear by a regular hot bath, which ensures clean skin, fast digestion and, last but not least, a long life. The ideal bath temperature is between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius.


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