Scam’s and lie’s

Did it really have to come this far?

Considering the situation in the world, many rightly ask: Why is all this happening to us and how is all this possible? Did it really have to come this far? Is humanity heading in a completely wrong direction? Have we been warned for thousands of years to this day about many irregularities in relation to fellow humans, animals and nature, but most people do not think about it? Are demonstrations in which we only demand freedom for ourselves, but still do not change for the freedom of others, animals and nature, really the solution?

The fact is that all modern diseases, pollution, natural disasters and lockdowns would not have occurred if humanity had heeded the requests, guidelines and warnings of many wise, ethically oriented animal and nature protectors. What’s more, in fact, throughout history and even today, we receive the whole truth about life on Earth through God’s true prophets, wise men and women. So, how to treat our loved ones, animals and nature, if we want to have a beautiful and happy life and future on Earth. It is about simple guidelines for our lives that are already well known to people. It is a thousand-year-old identical warning from Abraham to Gabrielle today that animals are not on Earth to be exploited by man, to take away their freedom and slaughter them for his food

But humanity is doing just that, so it will be forced to experience the same thing it does to animals – it is in danger of being deprived of freedom and conditions for life. We have allowed ourselves to take away the freedom of animals, lock them up, isolate them, separate parents and young, and we have poisoned plants, water and air with serious poisons and radioactive and other waste. As we can see, things are not that simple and can be connected.

Therefore, it is high time that we dare to ask ourselves about these spiritual aspects as well. Because from a spiritual point of view, nothing can happen to us that we have not done to people, animals and nature ourselves. So that we were taught (kindergarten, school, religious education, parents’ tradition) and forced (according to NIJZ guidelines, children must eat meat until the age of 3, which means the planned programming of the cells of a small human for animal food) to eat meat and thus take away animals’ freedom , respect and dignity, is not so innocent.

The question is also: how is it possible that priests of major and minor external religions talk about the prophets and Jesus of Nazareth, but nothing about the fact that all these prophets and Christ in Jesus lived and taught love and respect for all people, animals and nature . So throughout history, the priestly caste has deliberately deceived us and concealed important things in relation to fellow humans, animals and nature, and directed us towards life and demanded destruction and slaughter? They arranged the state systems, the school curriculum, religious education, attitudes and interventions in nature, the animal and plant world, the way of farming and eating, the so-called science and politics in their own way, as already said, against a life where the torture and suffering of people will be in the foreground, animals and nature? The answer is YES, because let’s not forget that a few centuries ago the church and the priestly caste were officially fundamentally in power in our regions as well and thus could do everything. Adopted and changed legislation, history, curriculum, directed science, politics and everything else mentioned above. Of course, today most people do not even notice this and blindly believe that kindergarten, school, religious education provide children with basic and correct guidelines for life. We don’t even think that everything is a big lie and a trap in which they trap us for their own benefits. But this causes us all suffering, problems and diseases and, as everything shows, also closures and various restrictions.


You should realize

that humans are dependent on nature; how important clean water, air and clean soil are, where our food grows without chemical residues, dangerous sprays, nitrates, antibiotic and hormone residues and genetic manipulation,

that animals have souls, that animals are our neighbors and are not on Earth for our food,

that it is good for us to respect life in everything, including animals, plants and minerals,

that all torture and experiments on animals are useless, unnecessary and illegal, even if we hear every day how useful medicines and vaccines are for us. We will never become healthy at the expense of another being’s suffering,

that it is not good to do to others what we do not want others to do to us, and this also applies to animals, plants and minerals.

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