The influence of domestic animals on human health

Animals have an extremely strong influence on an individual’s well-being. Unlike many people, they are excellent listeners. Animals never accuse, they don’t care about an individual’s beauty, they don’t complain about an individual’s slowness, clumsiness or spoken words, they don’t differentiate between young and old. Animals accept their guardian as he is and love him without limits. Therefore, animals are also excellent therapists. So far, dogs have been the best in this area.

Socializing with humans is in a dog’s nature, but they also have a keen sense of the mental distress and physical suffering of people. They accept every individual and excel in the role of friend, comforter, loyal companion and assistant therapist. They are often better company for a person than fellow humans, and it has been proven that they also have a beneficial effect on a better general well-being. Because of their qualities, dogs have been entrusted with such responsible tasks as guiding the blind, partially sighted and deaf, they are also guards, rescuers and assistants for people with special needs. Animal therapy is extremely successful, where specially trained dogs, together with their owners, visit hospitals, homes for the elderly and rehabilitation centers and establish genuine contacts with patients, the elderly and convalescents there.

Even doctors admit that they have recommended the purchase of a dog to their patients. These often affect the individual better than a pill. A person is kept in shape by forcing him to walk twice a day. They keep him company, have a beneficial effect on heart rate, mood, concentration and memory, owners focus on the present and do not live in the past, and also reduce depressive states…

Pets are often a great companion for older people. Especially for those who suffer from loneliness, low self-esteem, inactivity and a decline in motivation, contact with animals has an immeasurable effect. In the life of an elderly person, who otherwise has few responsibilities, an animal brings a certain agenda and orderliness.

The proximity of a dog is also very beneficial for children. With their help, children overcome their fears and become more confident, calm and relaxed. Great progress in the field of socialization is observed in children who had problems with integration into society.

The latest research has shown that dogs can detect disease changes with their extremely sensitive senses and warn about them. They can smell chemical and molecular changes, cancerous processes, a sudden drop in blood sugar, and they have even warned of an epileptic attack.

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