Genetic particles – not only in food, but also in air and water

Genetic change

The great need for meat is actually covered only by artificially inseminating more and more animals. Through genetic manipulation or genetically produced drugs, they achieve twice the weight of meat with less fat than in naturally grown animals. With special genetic blocks, the quality of the meat also changes, so that people receive large amounts of genetic particles with meat as food. Many animals suffer immensely because of interference in their lives. Torments create resonances, i.e. oscillations in them, because animals also feel. These suffering and tormenting feelings go into their genes. Man eats meat with properly programmed genes. If a gene particle becomes embedded in a human body cell, then that animal genetic program becomes a human program.”

Animal test

Who gives humans the right to manipulate the genetic makeup of animals? Who gives them the right to desecrate and change nature? Only he who puts himself above God has the right to own it.
“People are commanded not to kill. This also applies to animals – and also to plants, if the plant life is not intended for food or the preparation of vital goods. Man has no right to kill and manipulate. Whoever transgresses against animals and plants acts according to the demon’s will: kill everything, manipulate everything so that neither people nor animals feel God’s will. Is this a new world order?

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