Wheat meat – seitan


For 6 people:

2 kg wheat flour (type 500)

1 liter of water


Mix flour and water and knead into a loaf.

Fill a larger container with water. We put a loaf in it, which we will slowly rinse. Squeeze the loaf in water gently: gently press it against the bottom of the bowl (as if kneading it). When the water becomes cloudy, drain it and pour fresh water into the container. Repeat the process of squeezing the loaf and changing the water until the water is no longer cloudy. At the beginning of the wringing, we must be careful that the loaf does not fall apart. We try to keep it in its original form. During wringing, the loaf will become more and more compact and gradually its size will decrease. When the loaf is completely washed, we are left with pure gluten – seitan.

In a large bowl on the stove, boil water, salt it, add bay leaf and spices as desired (one teaspoon of smoked pepper, one teaspoon of curry, etc.). Place the seitan in boiling water (you can leave it in the shape of a loaf or cut it into smaller pieces). If the seitan is cut into smaller pieces before cooking, cook it in water for about 25 minutes. However, if we leave the seitan in the form of a loaf, the cooking time will be longer, between 45-60 minutes. Once the seitan is cooked, take it out of the water and prepare as desired. The possibilities for preparation are enormous. It can be fried, breaded and fried, used in sauces, etc. It is important to marinate the seitan well (with soy sauce and spices as desired) before preparation.

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