Vegans what can you do yourself?

Become vegan

The easiest, fastest and at the same time very effective way is to decide to become vegan. Being vegan means living in accordance with your beliefs and in harmony with your own (and social) moral values; by doing so, you contribute to a fairer world every day and prevent further exploitation of animals – all in everyday activities such as eating, showering and even brushing your teeth. Not only do you save animal lives by your actions; at the same time, you make others aware of the possibility of a different way of perceiving animals and lifestyles, and you set an example that veganism and animal rights are not just theoretical terms, but can be adopted and used by every individual in everyday life.

Some manage to switch to a different way of eating almost overnight, while for others the transition to a vegan lifestyle is a bit more of a starting point (finding ethical alternatives, discovering how to use certain products, finding nutritional information and the like). When you become aware of all this, veganism becomes your new modus vivendi – a way of life that rarely, if ever, requires more time, energy and money than other ways of eating.

Get informed and share information further

Research, read and collect information in the field of animal rights, nutrition and health, nature. Find online information about life on animal farms, see inspiring stories of vegan athletes, find out why the oceans are emptying.

Share information in the family circle, with friends and acquaintances. Prove to them with arguments that veganism is the future of humanity and the earth.

Adopt an animal

By offering homeless animals food, home, and attention, you make a big difference in that animal’s eyes while gaining a sympathetic companion. In many cases, this saves her from certain death. If you do not have space, your financial situation does not allow you or for some other reason you cannot accept the animal into your home, you can adopt it remotely and go visit it to a nearby shelter.

Become an activist

Attend a protest rally, hand out leaflets, demand changes from local authorities in the field of animal rights, health, ecology. Organize a tasting of vegan dishes, a film screening or a lecture. Demand vegan choices in restaurants and bars. Write a web blog and post vegan recipes.

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