Selling animal products and medicines that people have to use as a result of eating inappropriate food is a huge business. Businesses often invest large sums of money in political campaigns and media advertisements and studies that do not demonstrate the detrimental effects of their diet or are designed to portray it as beneficial, so neither will openly and strongly oppose these industries. directly dependent on them. The media, governments and doctors will only advise you to eat white meat or fish instead of red meat, to use semi-fat instead of fatty dairy products, and to eat this food in moderation. What moderate means can be very relative.

If you follow these recommendations, your diet will not really be much different and as a result, your health will not (significantly) improve. Then you will believe that diet has no effect anyway and you will throw the gun in the corn.

I tell you that there is a diet that can significantly change your health, body appearance, energy and well-being, but it is important that this diet is diametrically opposed to the diet that originally put you in trouble. It is a diet rich in carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals, and poor in fats and proteins: starchy foods, fruits, vegetables are the basis of this diet, and nuts and seeds are an occasional supplement.

It is important for people today to gain relevant knowledge and information on how a herbivore’s day or plate should be composed.

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