Hot chocolate from homemade almond milk


For 4 people:

1 cup soaked almonds (or any nuts)

4 cups water

1 cup soaked, pitted and chopped dates (or brown sugar / maple syrup)

1/4 cup cocoa powder

2-4 teaspoons of cornstarch (depending on how thick a drink we want)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or bourbon vanilla)

a pinch of salt


Soak the almonds overnight. Drain them in the morning, put in a blender and gradually add cups of water until you add a whole liter of water. The resulting liquid is filtered through a sieve or gauze. The strained liquid is almond milk, and the remaining pulp is stored in the refrigerator and used later (flakes, smoothies, sauces, spreads, pastries).
Heat the almond milk to boiling and before that mix all the above ingredients into it with a stick mixer (if you use sugar instead of dates, you can mix it with a whisk). Cook for 5-10 minutes until the drink thickens to the desired consistency.

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