For animals, a pandemic never ends?

First, people isolated and chipped animals and deprived them of all rights. At a time when countless families do not know whether they will have money for the next meal in India, the US or elsewhere, some are shown desperate faces of animals from so-called “zoos”, which are nothing but brutal isolation of animals from their natural environment. In these animal prison creatures they have no freedom, they are trapped to death because they are supposed to serve to “entertain and study” people. They are subject to perpetual quarantine.

Billions of animals have lived and still live in the endless nightmare of isolation in which they are sick, exploited and eventually killed. Their existence is marked by suffering of injustice, cannibalism and a state of self-excrement. No, for them there is neither grass nor park nor blue sky. Slaughterhouses have not ceased to operate during totalitarian measures because animals have no rights anyway, except that they are slaughtered and sold in the name of profit.

However, the brutal exploitation of animals can even lead to such wasteful acts as pouring more than 110,000 thousand liters of milk into the drain in a single day. The US dairy industry is simply pouring milk that it cannot sell. In the land of the malnourished, in the land of the homeless, the food that comes from the bodies of tortured animals is dumped as waste!

The U.S. dairy industry says they have been ordered to throw away thousands of gallons of milk a day because of the crisis over the current pandemic. They received the message on March 31, and by then thousands of liters of milk have been poured into the drain.

With the closure of countless schools, restaurants and universities, they have lost much of the market, explains the director of the Cheese Market Association. They do not want the price of milk to fall excessively due to a surplus in the market. They asked the USDA, the Department of Agriculture, to buy milk, which they would then donate to those in need.

Milk producers and distributors are concerned. They have been promised financial support in the future, but are skeptical. They are currently continuing to pour milk from 2,400 cows into the drain.

“Who wants to go to work with the knowledge that all work will go to waste? /…/ Cows will not stop giving milk. This is not a production plant that can be shut down overnight. These cows need to be milked three times a day, ”said the owner of the dairy farm.

There are certainly ways in which milk could be processed to keep it usable in the long run. Situations such as the current crisis certainly show, among other things, the shortcomings and unmanageability of huge mass-oriented farms. Cows in the dairy industry produce 10 times more milk a day than a cow that would naturally, without hormonal additives, produce milk only for its calf.

The unacceptable destruction of food does not only apply to milk, other farmers who have been prevented from selling food and have been ordered to discard food are also advertised online. Farmers in the U.S. are destroying huge quantities of vegetables they sell to hotels and restaurants.

Vaccine testing in a military laboratory on animals

The ordeal of animals does not end only in slaughterhouses and on a plate. According to the Pentagon, trials of the primate coronavirus vaccine began in April 2020 at the Fort Detrick Military Laboratory. It is no exaggeration to say that the Pentagon spends billions of dollars each year on various ways of killing people.

The Fort Derick Military Laboratory, where the most dangerous pathogens were “studied”, was closed until March this year due to non-compliance with safety standards. And now this laboratory, whose basic task is military, is making a vaccine to maintain health?

How “successful” such vaccines are, we can rightly ask, after the tragedy of brain-injured children who received the swine flu vaccine, which was the last major public alarm

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