Hunting as psychopathology?

The first president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Theodor Heuss (1884 – 1963), said: “Hunting is just a cowardly description of a particularly cowardly murder of an event that has no chance. Hunting is a side form of human mental illness.”

Is hunting really some form of human mental illness and so psychopathology? Is the murder of an innocent being, such as an animal, a normal state of the human soul or its pathology?

Unknown hunter: “Rarely can an experience with a woman be measured by what is spilled on the blood when a deer or hind, which senses that someone is close, slowly lifts its head from the grass, looks at you with big dark eyes, slightly uncertain he looks around, looks in your direction again, as he feels that you are here, and then comes that moment when everything merges, completes, presses and falls! Nothing can be compared to the fire that spreads through the veins, over the whole body, pushes into the brain, into the heart, into all the intimacy, with all the power. You can’t write down everything that happens at that moment because that would be too much. But it happens. It’s an explosion! An eruption of everything! ”And once again an unknown hunter:“ I don’t know why. I thought about it a lot. Maybe because everything is so simple: you wait, and then what you want, what you admire and adore comes; there it is, so beautifully, left to your mercy and disfavor; the excitement overwhelms you more and more, the unbearable tension and desire grows to a rage that would still melt the iron; you fire, and when the animal shoots a shot, you feel at the same time a violent pain and some burning satisfaction; you don’t think, you don’t realize clearly, at least for yourself I don’t think I did, but the feeling of some kind of mutual surrender to each other is strongly present at that moment. It sucks you in. He totally takes over. Exhaust to the end. You’re almost gone. But you are saved and somehow without fear for all that has been and what follows. You’re alive. And free. There is no uncertainty. No questions asked. No worries what now. How it will proceed. No complexity. No obligations. No feeling trapped. No unnecessary and superfluous words. Fear of extortion. A torturous silence. Criticisms. Wishes to get up and leave immediately. All that remains is that it was a wonderfully beautiful and unforgettable experience that demands nothing more from you. ”*

Nothing can compare to the fire that spills over the body of a hunter when an innocent living being is killed. It is an explosion and eruption of everything. Is it pathological or not? For this hunter, the murder of an innocent animal is a wonderfully beautiful and unforgettable experience. Is it pathological or not?

Hunter and journalist Eckard Fuhr says, “And of course, I admit, the hunt is exciting. Killing a live animal is something other than turning an old chicken into a raw material for chicken soup with an ax. After many years, I still have to fight the hunting fever. The frequency flashes and the adrenaline level rises when hunting game is shown. Shooting requires self-control. When I then find a dead deer, I am overwhelmed by an incomparable sense of inner satisfaction. Well, it’s comparable: after a successful hunt, you feel like after good sex or like after writing a good text that you consider successful.

Hunter Eckard Fuhr captures an incomparable sense of inner satisfaction when he kills an innocent living being. Is this feeling pathological or not? The hunter is pleased when he dies! How sad!

Prof. Gerd Rohmann says: “Because killing wildlife that is part of nature and experiencing the extraordinary effect of sle, empirically proves that we have experienced something special inside us… Hunting is the same as love: erotic experience is on path to the climax. The goal is not a quick conclusion, but in the effort and experience and the achievement of a common lasting peak… “

Hunter and lawyer Dr. Florian Asche: “We are all too often replacing the gratifying and important accompanying phenomena that are supposed to justify our actions with their real causes. We have sex because it gives us pleasure and enjoyment. We go hunting because we like it and enjoy it. ”An open confession of the hunter, what is the motive for hunting!

Is the pleasure and appetite in killing an innocent creature pathological or not?

The late neurologist and psychoanalyst dr. Paul Parin, also a hunter: “I have known since my first hunting adventures: hunting gives free rein for crimes, murders and sexual desire, wherever and whenever it is hunted.” And: “Prohibitions no longer apply. When we write about hunting, we need to write about sexuality and atrocities and crime… Real hunting does not take place without intent to kill. Passionate hunters want to kill. Hunting without murder is a concept that excludes itself… “He also says:” I fired, I heard a bang, I did not feel the shock of a weapon. I jumped up, blind and deaf standing there. Unbearable tension somewhere in the lower body, something must have happened. Suddenly the tension eased, bursts of pleasure ran down my pants, no, it was a wonderful ejaculation of semen, first conscious. I stood up straight, with the weapon in my left hand, I could hear and see again. “There lies the prey, the pile of colorful feathers.”

Passionate hunters want to kill, hunting gives free rein for crimes and murders, says the psychoanalyst, who is also a hunter. Is hunting a pathology then or not? A bunch of colorful feathers! Hunters are so humiliating about innocent animals. A bunch of feathers! Amazing!

Philosopher Ortega y Gasset: “Blood has orgic power if it is shed… and when it defiles the beautiful hair of animals.” . «

The shed blood has orgic power. The shed blood of murdered wildlife is the goddess of hunters. This goddess is named Diana and is served by hunters. Diana has long been the goddess of hunters. A pagan goddess. Bloody goddess, goddess of slaughter. The hunters are also blessed by the Catholic Church. Apparently, the bloody Diana is also a church goddess, of course next to the Virgin Mary, whom the Catholic Church even describes as the Mother of God.

Hunter Günter R. Kühnle has written a doctoral dissertation on hunting instinct and excitement in killing animals. He writes: “All over the world, hunting is rarely carried out for purely practical motives (for example, hunting for food), it is carried out for a strong emotional experience, often accompanied by great passion and devotion (excitement at killing animals, joy, happiness, entertainment, relaxation , adventure)… For today’s modern hunters, killing game is a prerequisite for achieving a passionate emotional event (arousal). This one was based on the already mentioned dissertation.

Psychoanalyst prof. dr. Arno Gruen doubts that the hunting instinct would be “innate” or “genetically conditioned”, as hunter Kühnle puts it in his dissertation: feelings, lack of personal values and inability to tolerate insecurity. The result is a very dangerous fictitious notion of hunters that they can control people, nations, animals and nature, that is, dying, absolute security and invulnerability. “

The hunting instinct is the result of free will and everyone therefore has the opportunity to give up hunting and leave the hunting organization.

Twenty years ago, science journalist Gerhard Staguhn wrote in his book “Love for Animals – One-sided Relationship”:

If a non-hunter feels the mick of killing an animal, he has the status of a mentally disturbed person. However, if the hunter feels a mime while killing the animal, his mentality should be normal. Absurd. It is clear that it applies to hunters in the same way as to non-hunters, it is a category of mentally disturbed people. Deliberate killing of animals certainly cannot be classified as mental normalcy. This encompasses the notion of life and not the destruction of it.

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