Eggs from the torture chamber


In hen concentration camps: “Laying hens live their short lives in windowless halls, in common cages with up to eight floors. Twenty-two chickens share one square meter, the stench is unbearable. After only 14 – 18 months, the chicken concentration camp can no longer be carried – and we wander into the soup pot. Almost a fifth of us do not survive this year and a half: we die from stress, infectious or bone diseases, etc. ”“ We hens brutally pull us out of cages; in doing so – as in loading – we often break our wing or leg. Hang us by the legs on the wedges of the conveyor belt to stun us in the electric water bath. However, this does not always work. If we are a little smaller, or if we try to pull our head out of the water, we come under the electric knife in full consciousness. The conveyor belt continues to flow smoothly. Dead as well as living bodies come to the stake, then go to the plucking machine and finally burn over the flame. ”[1]

Battery-laying laying farms are real torture chambers for animals. In the cages, several hens are huddled in a small space, unable to move normally. Most of these animals, whose beaks are shortened so that they do not harm each other due to severe stress, do not see sunlight in their lives and do not know what fresh air is, what the real wind is, they do not know what grass, rain, no they know nature… Millions and millions of hens vegetate even in a hundred and more meter halls, humiliated to the end. Many are unable to survive even the short lifespan that humans expect of them, a year in which they have to lay about 300 eggs to reach the “norm” expected of humans. More than 300 million eggs are laid annually in Slovenia by enslaved hens. This, too, is the true image of humanity: an incredible moral lowliness. For profit all, but even if on the other hand is an innocent and helpless living being. Slave to the end. It is similar in soil farming.

Become vegan

When chickens are no longer profitable, they are sold to specialized plants, where they are processed into pate or other products. In gratitude for the one-year suffering of giving the profitable eggs to the owner, they are eventually killed and processed. Incredible humiliation of animals. What kind of world do we live in? Hellish or heavenly? Some would like to come to paradise through the suffering of animals and their carcasses. But this is not possible.

Maybe free-range laying hens do a little better, but even there there are only egg machines. They are not living beings with their dignity, but things of useful value for satisfying man’s low passions.

Although all scientific findings show that cages have an extremely bad effect on the well-being of laying hens, they have not yet been banned. The horrors continue. Politicians are looking away. They are not interested in the fate of innocent living beings. Their news is immensely bloody! It is similar with clerics. Their conscience is bloody too. They do not fight for the helpless beings created by God. On the contrary, they support their misery and genocide over them.

Maybe it wouldn’t be bad for some politician or cleric to spend a day or a week in a battery cage. It would be even better if it was the whole government or some bishops’ conference or. a cardinal choir headed by a pope. It would also not be bad if there was a consumer in the cage. Maybe then I should stop buying eggs. What you don’t want them to do to you, don’t do to them.

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