Will we be driven by a vegan diet in the future?

Awareness that we need to put an end to energy-intensive agriculture also requires a major departure from our eating habits, which are still largely based on meat choices. So what will make up the diet of our future? Will we be driven by a vegan diet?

Is the solution in veganism?

Depends on how we look at it. If we opt for veganism for ethical reasons and prepare our own food to the greatest extent, and in all steps, this is certainly a very good long-term strategy. Let’s leave aside the opinion on whether a vegan diet is actually healthy or not, as we can find evidence that speaks in favor of both the first and second claims.

Just as we find vegans who are still full of health at a late age, there are also those who suffer damage at a young age because of skipping all the basic steps. If we go into veganism well-equipped with knowledge, and above all we are ready to prepare meals ourselves, and not resort to pre-prepared vegan versions, we are certainly on the right track.

Veggie everything: steaks, burgers, hot dogs, ham, eggs, cheese, milk…

The food industry is well aware that hard meat spins. That is why the offer of vegan substitutes for meat and dairy products is more diverse every year, and the shelves are better stocked. Veganism is also a fashion trend that does not necessarily stem from ethical principles. This type of consumerism is the most wasteful. The products with which the producers try to get as close as possible to the color, smell, taste, structure, shape… of meat are equally energy consuming and often quite unhealthy.

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