The miraculous power of crystals – will they help you too?

Crystals have been given a special power for a very long time. With the help of a suitable crystal, it should be possible to remove both physical and mental and spiritual blockages. Crystals can help us to be calmer and to achieve a harmonious balance. It should be noted that each crystal has specific properties. So which type is best to use in individual situations?

More energy and motivation

Are you often tired, listless and without a real goal? In this case, one of the best choices should be a crystal called hematite. This will restore your energy and help you feel the joy of life again. Negative thoughts and lethargy will soon be just an unpleasant memory. In ancient times, hematite was often carried around as an amulet, as it was believed that it could help cleanse the blood. Unhindered blood flow is supposed to be one of the main sources of vitality. To increase energy, all crystals, which are red in color and are associated with movement, motivation and passion, are also said to be good. One such example is ruby.

Clearer thoughts and better health

The contact of quartz crystals with the skin creates a connection between different types of energy, which is supposed to ensure optimal health and faster healing, both physically and mentally. Quartz crystals have a positive effect on the body already at the basic, cellular level, and in addition, they will help you clear your mind and find solutions to problems that previously seemed completely unsolvable.

Eliminate creative blockages

Have you always been creative and full of exciting ideas, but lately you’ve been exhausted and without real inspiration to create? If your answer is yes, an orange crystal called carnelian can help you solve these problems. It is a crystal that is very popular and is associated with warmth as well as passion. Carnelian has a beneficial effect on anyone who has a feeling that you have stayed in place. It encourages you to move forward and get closer to your goal. This is also the reason why many call carnelian the crystal of action. It is also supposed to help on a purely physical level by improving the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Help with stress and anxiety

In modern society, it is virtually impossible to completely avoid stressors. However, occasional unpleasant symptoms can also gradually develop into anxiety disorder, so it is important that you take action as soon as possible. Among other things, crystals can help you with this. There are a huge variety of crystals that you can use to overcome stress and anxiety. Among them, amethyst stands out. It dispels anxiety, alleviates fears and prevents frequent mood swings and outbursts of anger. If you place it under a pillow in the evening, amethyst can also help you with sleep problems.

Processing negative emotions

Many people retain feelings such as anger, resentment, and a desire for revenge. All of this has a negative impact on you and your life. Crystals help you to process negative emotions more easily and to forgive those who have hurt you, and thus liberate yourself. In such situations, for example, rhodonite, which is considered a crystal of compassion and forgiveness, can be very helpful. Connoisseurs recommend malachite when dealing with more severe traumas – even those that have accompanied you since childhood.

How do crystals work?

According to experts, you don’t have to believe in their power or be a special “spiritual person” in order for crystals to help you. Crystals are supposed to benefit just about everyone, which is mainly related to their slight electromagnetic field, which can also be measured. The basis of the action of crystals is that they bind negative energy to themselves and at the same time release the positive, thus helping to maintain a healthy balance. Thus, crystals can be a complement to other forms of healing.

Choosing crystals

Tips on how best to choose crystals vary slightly. One option is to consider the general properties of individual crystals and focus on what you need in each life span. In addition to considering these properties, your intuition should also be very important when choosing crystals. When you get to the crystal that is right for you, you are supposed to feel a special feeling. On the other hand, inappropriate crystals will repel you. So take enough time to choose the crystals and try to listen as accurately as possible to what your intuition tells you.

Caring for crystals

It is recommended to wrap the crystals in special cloths to protect them from external influences. In addition, it is also important to clean the crystals regularly. Perform the first cleaning after the purchase (focus on the desires or what you would like the crystal to help you with). Then clean the crystal after each use

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