Rafaelo balls(vegan)


The beads 22-23:

can of coconut milk (400 g, at least 60% fat)

Icing sugar (3 tablespoons or. the flavor)

vanilla sugar or flavoring (1 tsp)

coconut (100 g, respectively. taste)

coconut strips (optional)

almonds in sheets or ground (100 g)

ground whole wheat biscuits (3 tablespoons)

whole almonds or cashew nuts (a small handful)

optionally: soy cream (3 tablespoons)


Can of coconut milk is left overnight in the refrigerator, the liquid is separated from the fat. Use only hard part (coconut fat), which gradually Mix remaining ingredients (powdered sugar, vanilla sugar or flavored, coconut, coconut strips, almonds in sheets and ground biscuits). Mass gently knead and shape of the ball (in the middle turn almond or nut of appropriate size). Shaped beads can aids are soy cream (such as even more juicy, grit are better prime) and roll in coconut and almonds shredder. Eaten fresh, or are allowed to rest in a refrigerator

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