Vegan tiramisu


For 6 people:

2 bananas

rice (oat, soy or coconut) whipping cream (300 ml)

vanilla vegan (soy) “yogurt” large (500 g)

silky tofu (450 g)

chocolate powder (1 tablespoon)

vegan biscuits (300 g)

rice (oat, soy or other vegetable) “milk”

and / or any coffee (2 dcl)


Preparation of stuffing

Whip the vegetable cream. Separately mix bananas, silky tofu and soy yogurt. Using a spoon, mix the cream and the mixed mass together.

Preparation of tiramisu

Place a layer of vegan biscuits on the bottom, cover with vegetable milk or coffee if desired, then pour half of the top mass (filling), place the biscuits again, soak them and pour over the other half of the mass. Sprinkle with chocolate powder on top. Put in the fridge, the best is after a few hours in the fridge.

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