Does the church in animals respects the commandment of God?

That the Bible became fatal for animals, not nobeneg doubt. About how it happened, there is interpretation, which is today most experts agree, both historians and Biblical experts. Bible is undisputed product clerical caste respectively. elite. This has always tried to ensure its position in the nation with God’s authority. Priestly elite knew that the prophets God’s instrument and have it placed in the mouth also what God would never say or. nor is she said. Thus, for example. Moses planted that God requires žrtovavanje animals.

Therefore, for example. 3. Genesis (Levitik 1, 3-17) we read:
3 If his offering the burnt offering of the cattle, to sacrifice unblemished male. Let him lead to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting, to thereby obtain favor from the LORD. 4 Put the burnt offering his hand on the head that will be taken in the reconciliation of him. 5 After slaughter the bullock before the LORD. And Aaron’s sons, the priests, to donate blood and the blood sprayed all around the altar at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. 6 Then flay the burnt offering, and cut it into pieces. 7 The sons of Aaron the priest on the altar to build a fire and the fire load firewood. 8 Aaron’s sons, the priests, lay the pieces with the head and the fat value on the wood that burn on the altar. 9 Guts and foot wash with water, and the priest shall burn all on the altar. It is a burnt offering, an offering by fire of pleasing odor to Jehovah.
10 If he wants to donate a holocaust of sheep and goats from the sheep or the goats, he shall offer unblemished male. 11 slaughtered to it on the north side of the altar before the LORD; Aaron’s sons, the priests, whether with his blood sprayed all around the altar. 12 intersects keep him in pieces, and the priest shall put them head and the fat value on the wood that burn on the altar. Guts and 13 feet to wash with water, and the priest shall burn all on the altar. It is a burnt offering, an offering by fire of pleasing odor to Jehovah.
14 If anyone wants to donate a burnt offering to Yahweh of birds to sacrifice turtledoves or young pigeons. 15 And the priest shall bring it to the altar, he shall be disconnected head and burned on the altar; his blood to extrude the wall of the altar. 16 takes to the crop with the feathers value and to throw it beside the altar eastward, to pepelišče. 17 After the breakdown of his wings – not tear them – and the priest shall burn it on the altar on burning drvih. It is a burnt offering, an offering by fire of pleasing odor to Jehovah. ‘ “

In Levitku (8.18 to 28) can be read as follows:
18 give is to bring a ram for a burnt offering; Aaron and his sons laid their hands on the ram head 19 and it was slaughtered. Moses altar and around the sprinkled with blood. 20 intersect the ram into pieces and burned the head, the pieces and the fat. 21 Guts and legs is washed with water; then Moses burned the whole ram on the altar; it was a burnt offering of a sweet smell made by fire unto the LORD, as the LORD commanded Moses.

22 And he brought another ram, a ram of the flock, and Aaron and his sons laid their hands on the ram’s head, 23 and he was slaughtered. And Moses took some blood, and anointed the crown of Aaron’s right ear, and the thumb of his right hand, and of his right foot. 24 And he brought Aaron’s sons, and anointed them with the blood of the right ears, and the thumbs of his right hands, and of his right feet; and with other blood he sprinkled the altar round and round. 25 And he took the fat, and the fat tail, and all the fat which was in the bowels, and the liver, and the kidneys, and their fat, and the right thigh. 26 And he took out of the basket of unleavened bread that was before the LORD, the unleavened cake, and the cake of unleavened bread, and the mill, and put them on the fat and on the right thigh. 27 And he put all this upon the hands of Aaron and his sons, and caused them to come near before Yahweh. 28 And Moses took them out of their hand, and burnt them upon the altar beside the burnt offering. It was a sacrificial offering in a pleasant odor, a fiery offering for the LORD. 29 And Moses took the breast, and drew it before the LORD as a present. these were the breasts of the ram of Moses, as the portion of Moses, as the LORD commanded Moses.

For those who do not have enough of these horrific scenes, they can read on:
8 Aaron went to the altar and slaughtered the calf as a sin offering for himself. 9 And the sons of Aaron gave him blood; he dipped his finger into it and applied it to the altar horns, and poured other blood on the base of the altar. 10 He burned the fat, the kidneys, and the liver of the sin offering on the altar, as Yahweh commanded Moses. 11 And he burnt the flesh and the skin in the fire outside the camp. 12 And he slew the burnt offering; Aaron’s sons gave him blood, and with it he sprinkled the altar round and round. 13 And they offered him burnt offerings, and his head; and he burned it at the altar. 14 And he washed the inwards and the legs, and burnt them with burnt offerings on the altar.

Next in Leviticus (9: 19-21) it reads:
19 And the fat of the ox and of the ram, the fat tail, and the fat that covereth the inwards, and the kidneys, and the liver, 20 And they laid it upon the breastplates; 21 And Aaron lifted up his breasts and his right thigh as a gift to come before Yahweh, as Moses commanded.

Doctor of the Church and St. Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274) was a few thousand years later, the animals abandoned soul. Then Descartes (1596-1650), philosopher and Jesuit pupil, adopted this opinion and animals set of “things”. Everything has become part of the Catholic catechism and the tragedy of killing animals in billiards, cruelty to animals, factory farming, and devoured the meat went his way.

So far in the current Catechism of the Catholic Church (no. 2417), we read:
God has entrusted the management of animals him, which he created in his own image. Legally, therefore, to use animals for food and making clothes. They permit them to domesticate, to help man in his work and entertainment. To remain in the smart limits the medical and scientific experiments on animals morally acceptable procedures, since they contribute to the conservation and care for the human life.

Church with their teachings from the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church justifies moral-ethical hunting, animal husbandry, slaughter, laboratory animal experiments, in short, all the barbaric treatment of animals. Bring the whole question of whether the Church is co-responsible for many civilization diseases that plagued mankind since justify eating meat, which is largely caused by that disease.

The Church does not only lead the war against animals, but historically persecuted vegetarians. As Carl Anders SKRIVER writes in his book “Life of Jesus and the first Christians” (quoted from the journal The Kingdom of Peace No. 3/2003 – publisher Universal Life), is not that tell you how devastating the fight to keep 2,000 years against Christians who advocate vegetarianism. Ever since Emperor Constantine in 325, which made the Catholic Church for the state church, it is reported that those who did not shun vegetarian “I blame the teachers”, influenced the current lead in the throat. Navezajoč to this, the medieval Inquisition shackles of people who refused to kill animals – as evidence of his orthodoxy had suspected such. Public slaughtered animal. From l. 1051 originates report, which speaks of the death penalty against some Original Christians, who refused to kill chickens. The Church is persecuted and murdered the entire group of people who lived a vegetarian. Such a fate they experienced such. Cathars in the 13th century in medieval southern France, the army, whose spiritual leader was the Pope’s envoy, killed about 15,000 men, women and children. And the Pope’s envoy to the question of how to distinguish between the killing of heretics and orthodox Catholics answered by one of the most notorious phrases all of church history: “Kill them all, God will recognize their already!” (From the book by Michel Inquisition authors Baigent and Richard Leigh). Obviously of persecution or. killing animals to killing people is not a big step.

It is obvious that the Church acts against the law of God and love of life, whose expression is the commandment Thou shalt not kill.

Of course, to animals was not Jesus of Nazareth. This has championed animal and did not make any difference between man and animal, since the commandment reads and reads: Thou shalt not kill; This is a general statement which is not murder, nor the people nor animals.

In the book This Is My Word A and Omega, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Christ’s revelation that they already know the true Christians all over the world (Publisher: Universal Life), this book in society, we believe that it contains the truth regarding Jesus of Nazareth and animals, because it is completely logical and things. events, among other things, we read what Christ said and approached the people of his time, including the handling of animals:
As Jesus of Nazareth, I spoke to many people about the law of life, as well as the animals like humans experience pain, suffering and joy. Like the man would not be against your neighbor, but the neighbor would be for animals and responsible for them, because humans serve. People I’ve always taught that animals are God’s creatures, which are not belittling the man, but love. Whoever hitting them and torture, will once felt the same or similar to your soul and your body. For what man do to his fellow men and sostvarstvu, animals, do it yourself. (P. 397)

In the book This Is My Word Christ also gives us the following instructions:
He who loves his neighbor selflessly, to him will not be violent, and it will not kill you. And he loves the neighbor selflessly, that the animals will not wantonly kill. Anyone who respects man and animal has no military purposes, since it respects the laws of God, to which belong the laws of nature. Anyone who is trying to implement God’s laws will increasingly moved from animal food, and gratefully accept the gifts of the earth – so that the food that comes from God for His human children. (Pp. 438-439)

Christ, as Jesus of Nazareth advocate for animals, where they could. Not to mention nothing says in the Bible, it is not surprising, since pokristjanska clergy was not interested, teach people the meaning of Jesus of Nazareth, but in terms of the church, which sought to earth vsemoč. Both aspect “animals” was not adopted in the New Testament “Bible”, as well as Jesus’ commandment not to abandon meat food.

In the book This Is My Word can also read how Jesus reacted to the suffering of animals:
It happened that the Lord went out of the city and the students went over the mountains. They came to the hill with very steep paths. There they met a man with animal cargo.
Horses collapsed because it was overloaded. The man he beat it bled. And Jesus came to him and said, “You son of cruelty, why pretepaš your animal? Do not you see that it is much too weak for its burden and do not know that it suffers?
The man replied: “What you got to do with it? His animal can be beaten, as far as I want; mine is, I bought it for a nice sum of money. Ask those who are with you, from my neighborhood and they know it. And some of the disciples answered, saying: “Yes, Lord, it is as real as we were close when he bought the horse.” The Lord replied: “Do not you see how bloody and not hear how moans and laments?” And they answered and said: “No, Lord, we do not hear the moans and Tarna!” … And the Lord was grieved and said, “Woe to you, because you hear a dull heart, how to sue and cries to its heavenly Creator for pity. Three times but woe to that for which screams and moans in my pain! ” …
And he stepped forward and touched the horse, and the animal is picked up, and its wounds were healed. But the man said, “Go now follow its own path and do not pretepaj more, if you dare, that you too will find mercy. (Pp. 186-192)

Another incident from the life of Jesus of Nazareth, which is given in the book This Is My Word, is characterized by:
And when Jesus went to Jericho, he met a man with young doves and a cage full of birds which he caught. And I saw their woe, because they were trapped on top but still hungry and thirsty.
And he said to the man: “What are you doing with them?” And the man replied: “I live from this that sell birds I caught them.” And Jesus said to him: “How would it be if you someone who is stronger and smarter, caught and tied up or even your wife and children and to those close to those sold in their favor and make this a living? Are not they being here like you, only weaker than you? And do not worry about the same God, Father and Mother, as well as for me as for you? Omit this your little brothers and sisters and see that you will not ever do and you’ll really serve bread. ” And the men marveled these words, and his great power and let the birds. When they were free, they flew to Jesus, he sat down at his shoulders and sang him. And the man had asked him what his teachings, and went after his ways and learn to knit baskets. His work has served the bread and broke all their cages and traps and became a disciple of Jesus. (Pp. 455-456)

And finally, some thoughts of famous people regarding the topic:

“Churches have essentially co-caused the slaughter of animals, this concentration camp that has lasted for centuries.” (Prof. Dr. Theologian Hubertus Mynarek, former Catholic priest, church critic and author)

“Christian morality has completely limited its regulations to people, leaving the whole animal world without rights. Let’s just look at how the Christian horde treats animals, completely meaningless and laughs at killing or mutilating them, torturing them. She exploits the old horses to the point of squeezing their hind brains out of their old bones until they succumb to their blows. We could truly say: Humans are earthly devils and animals are their suffering souls. ”(Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher)

“What do some expect from religion if we exclude compassion for animals?” (Richard Wagner, composer)

“The Christian conscience cannot be satisfied with not fulfilling the fifth commandment to slaughter animals. Anyone who has visited the slaughterhouse once is usually shocked and filled with resistance. Almost everyone thinks that the brutal slaughter of animals that were first fattened and asked to be finally eaten is shameful for today’s humanity and especially for Christianity. ”(Günther Weitzel, German chemist)

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