Vegans can also help animals a lot by leaving the church

For all the time the church was very hostile to the animals, the Bible izvirajočo from his hatred of animals is anchored in its Catechism. There may in fact be read to the church permits to kill animals for food or making clothes, it is allowed to use animals for entertainment, such as hunting (known as Hubertove mass, where the church blesses hunters, ie those who directly work against God’s commandments, Do not kill, because taking the life of beings created by God) and fishing competitions … they are also allowed medical and scientific experimentation on animals (if they are smart borders), which could be said to be a crime against crimes. World Day for animal welfare: where is the church?

All these people with their membership supported the above-mentioned doctrine that is killing and exploiting animals quite normal and ordinary. It is supported by the members, who otherwise live a vegan lifestyle, which means to oppose any use and exploitation of animals, such as food, clothing and footwear, cosmetics, various testing, the circus …

Therefore, vegans can be very help animals with the exit of the church. Why would members of the institution, which has a completely different attitude towards animals than they do? Being vegan and also a member of the Catholic Church is exactly the same as to be vegan and also a member of the hunting clubs or associations of livestock farmers.

Why would members of the Catholic Church vegans, who in his Catechism wrote: “We must love animals, but we can not show them affection, any owed only by persons

Why should vegans were members of this religious community, which has a medieval church teacher Thomas Aquinas declared a saint? It is also called “angel Master.” “This is the animal soul away, because he claimed:” We believe that only a man substantially, ie through yourself a living soul, while animal souls perish in the bodies. “It does not matter if we treat animals badly or well. For the church after learning of Thomas Aquinas animals only “things” that can be used for human purposes. And not only used but also consumed. This position is strongly influenced by the consciousness of many people and thereby aggravate the already anyway very bad situation of animals in the church. The consequences are bloody. “(Truth and the Church of the exclusive !, Vlado Began)

Why should vegans and vegetarians were members of the Catholic Church, if only this forever cursed? Pope Janez III. (561-574) is in fact cursed vegetarians, which was announced at the first Synod in Braga (Portugal). He said: “If someone has meat dishes, which God gave people to enjoy, for unclean and … they (meat dishes) denounced … is accused of Anata.” (Animals hostile Hieronimova Bible, the Society for Liberation of Animals and their rights)

Veganism and the Catholic Church are completely exclusive. Veganism is justice and love, the Catholic Church is injustice and destruction. Every vegan who leaves the church ceases to support the destruction of living creatures.

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