Animals as humans best friend

I often wonder when people are become such a monster. They say that we are the most developed, intelligent and we have a brain in order to contemplate them. With all this I agree – in theory. As is shown in practice, in life itself but it is usually quite the opposite. An increasing number of murders, rape, abuse, torture, and not only to other people but also to animals. I do not understand what you are considering the kind of person who is capable of anything like this, of course, if anything considering. And where there are emotions, conscience? How can someone such a monster? That many wonders, but unfortunately this will never understand and know what is really going on with this person.

They say the animals are less developed than people. This is in some ways I disagree completely. Let the animals kill to survive, which is a completely natural process. However, the animal will not be tortured, abuse, rape … I do not know how does someone come to “connect” to torment animals. Closing them in small cages, do not give to eat and drink, they are beaten, they have to struggle, sexually abused, tortured by cutting, leaving them in their own excrement, leave alone for a few days … Someone in my head animal because it is interesting, because it He is wished his children. But they do not realize what responsibility is. The need for them to worry about, and not just cuddle and feed them. They need to be treated, take a walk, you learn to calm if they are afraid. Somehow it is like to have a small child. This is not only a (small) furry puppy to play, not stuffed toy. It is a living being who feels, loves, fears … Live a creature so like us humans. And when that time many people found it discarded; saying because there is no time, because it is expensive treated as liabilities, including food and treats are not exactly cheap, because they grow up, etc.

And so poories land on roads, in trenches, in the garbage, in shelters … like garbage, like an old toy that we are tired of it. However, all such ask if this is done the child, brother, sister, parents, because they are ill or because they have simply “Povne kufr”? Nobody think about what will happen to them or someone will take care of them, how they feel. People you forget that animals feel as scared, feel that they are discarded, they are sad and quietly weep, suffer. John can not help, can not say.

This happens every day, from city to city, from country to country. Perhaps even at this moment when you read this, a creature suffers. And what do people do? Nothing, respectively. insufficient. Close our eyes before the truth, we do not want to hear and know, because it’s just sad. And so the horror continues. Shelters are overflowing and often have a lot of animals to sleep, because no one comes after them or does not work otherwise. Since no one hears their silent cry for help, or just because they do not want help. I’m not saying that all people are such, we thank God. However, those of us good people, those who help too little, too little.

Therefore, people please listen, help, feel. Do not Close your eyes to the truth. To spread it, do something to help!

Believe me, there is no better feeling when you know that you are a creature saved the life of her brighter for days, give her love … When you is repaid with an abundance of gratitude, with love, you beautifies days it is with you when you badly, with you excited … it’s for you here and now to the end.

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