Social issues and vegan solution

We destroy world

Social issues

The production and consumption of animal products causes many issues related to social issues.

Hunger and malnutrition

“Every day in the world, 40,000 children die due to lack of food. We, who in the West, are changing and feeding on animals bred for meat, eating the meat of these children.”

  • Thich nhat hanh More than 20 million people die from malnutrition in one year and about one billion people, especially women and children in the countryside, suffer chronic hunger. A lot of food (plant origin), which is currently being stored by animals, could instead be used directly for the food of all people suffering from hunger. In order to eat in the end, only one kilogram of cow meat takes at least seven pounds of cereals and other food of plant origin to feed the animals. Among children suffering from hunger, as many as 80 percent, live in countries that actually have excess food – children remain hungry, as farmers use excess grain for animal feed instead of food food. Environment and human rights Livestock production is a major cause of environmental destruction, including global warming. In all parts of the world, a healthy environment is a prerequisite for many human rights, such as: life, health and well -being. Global warming will in the future have an even greater impact in countries where many people suffer from hunger and many problems in the field of human rights are present. The lack of drinking water Drinking water is becoming an increasingly limited source. A lot of drinking water is consumed for animal breeding. Livestock production and other industries are also heavily polluted by water. Drinking water lack is also the main reason for the disease, especially among poor people. The rights of indigenous peoples The main causes for forest shrinkage are the need for new pastures and arable land for animal feed. Forest contraction is often associated with territories where indigenous residents reside, and often their basic rights are not taken into account. Conflict As a result, conflicts and wars between different nations and groups of people are happening around the world due to limited or unnecessary access to water and food. Impact on slaughterhouse workers Human Rights Organization -Human Rights Watch states that slaughterhouse workers do “the most dangerous factory work in the US”. Claving workers are much more likely to become ill and suffer from other workers compared to other workers. In addition to personal injuries, they also suffer at a psychological level (5). Workers suffer from loss of compassion, which allows them to kill animals at all. In doing so, they have to suppress all empathy for animals. The absence of emotions to the suffering of animals is also associated with a greater tendency to services crimes associated with violence against humans, especially domestic violence. More information on this topic is written in the paper (6). Violence The effects of the transmission of humans against animals to human violence have been the subject of some scientific research. The article entitled “Vegan Nutrition influenced the California prison” (4) stated that the results of the introduction of vegan diets were incredibly positive.

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