It is not unnecessary to remind you that every drop of milk in your morning coffee, tea or flakes is a deserving mom who did not make that milk to breastfeed you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think about red and irritated cow udders during the morning cappuccino, I haven’t (too) long, but when I started to wonder about these things, I didn’t like the answers. Do you think they will?

Due to the continuous demand for breast milk (as well as yogurt, ice cream, kefirju, cheese, cream and anything else which milk producing) cows in the dairy industry regularly artificially inseminated with an interval of one year, give birth to them quickly – within a few days or even hours – withdraw that farmers can “snatch” these valuable raw materials market. Telicka then as a byproduct soon be slaughtered and sold as veal, heifer shall remain as they are because of their uterus and mammary valuable commodity and as such soon – too soon – succeeded his mother in the chain of the dairy industry, because the constant cycle of pregnancy and parturition of cows exhausting : dairy cows go to slaughter on average have four or five years, as a result of wear and tear do not give enough milk to make further commercially interesting, while naturally live twenty years or more. Moreover, the cows would naturally breastfeed his puppies to nine or even twelve months of age, so you can imagine how stressful it is for Fresh Mommy, when after a few hours remain without newborn. It is not unusual that cows that have calves plundered, refusing food and show other signs of depression that loud bellowing, calling in vain when your child does not even mention.

I cannot speak on your behalf, but I can tell you that the milk and everything that comes from it really touched me when I finally realized to what extent we humans have developed the exploitation of something as beautiful and as sacred as it should be. it would be motherhood. However, because I am curious by nature, I also found out to what unnatural extreme we humans have taken something most natural that exists in nature – reproduction. Wondering what artificial insemination looks like in the dairy industry? I’m telling you, you don’t want to know this, but I’ll explain anyway, because you support it with every purchase of milk and dairy products. So. Before the cow is artificially inseminated, they must somehow get to the semen, for which the cow is locked in a narrow enclosure so that it cannot turn or withdraw, and then one by one several bulls are dropped on it. When an individual bull jumps on a trapped cow, someone intercepts his penis from the side into a tubular collector and catches his sperm. Then the process is repeated: the same cow, n bulls – the sperm is somehow sold. So when you buy semen, you put a shoulder-length glove on one arm, lubricate it with a lubricant and a cow’s hand, clearly also caught in a fence, insert it into her asshole and empty her gut by pushing your hand a few times to your elbow and pushing it over. vanjo. In, out, in, out, and at that moment the mud happily squirts past your hand. Then, with your other hand, open her labia, which are located under the asshole, and insert a thin tube into her vagina, which works on the principle of a syringe, which contains semen that you will inject into the cow’s uterus. Now you get the very first hand you have in a cow’s ass – with it you feel the cow’s birth canal and with it you help the tube to penetrate to her uterus. When you feel that you have penetrated deep enough, slowly inject the seed. And so artificially inseminate a cow.

This, then, is hidden behind your white coffee, so don’t sit down in smiling cows in ads for milk and dairy products. Also, nice to please, do not sit down to your mind, which is now a milk habit now as an iron shirt. Let me ask you: Would you drink giraffe milk? What about elements? Or if we have already developed from the monkeys, chimpanzee? The chimpanzees are much more related to us than the good half tons of heavy hoofs with horns and tails. But if I mentioned the kinship: would you drink human milk? Mmm, a cup of warm smoking cocoa with breast breast milk – would? You probably find this completely unimaginable (not to say disgusting), because you are not used to it, as you are not used to, for example, women wear pants, that men are present at childbirth or that seven -year -olds should not work. Aja. Just a little. These were old habits, habits that had already changed. Is it time to finally have mercy on the poor cows and change this habit as well? However, if you have not yet been dismissed from the cow’s udder for the sake of cow’s well -being, you may want to give up your milk from your milk for your own sake.

Although there is a general belief that cow’s milk is healthy and even essential for humans, over the past twenty years there has been evidence to the contrary: various studies have linked the consumption of milk and dairy products to ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, autoimmune diseases, childhood obesity and acne. None of this should be surprising, since milk is basically a growth formula full of hormones that quickly swells calves into hundreds of kilograms of heavy cattle – clearly then, even adult cattle don’t drink these growth formulas in adulthood, but drink it themselves. to the detriment we drink. However, this is far from all: cow’s milk has been linked by researchers to sleep apnea and sudden infant death syndrome. Cow’s milk, like any other breast milk, contains opiate-like substances that soothe the pup and attach the baby to the mother. ‘Opiate’ in cow’s milk is called casomorphine, which can be dangerous for human pups if it is ingested through breast milk, as it inhibits the functioning of the respiratory centers and central nervous system, causing respiratory arrest in infants. It was because of this ‘cow’s opiate’ of casomorphin that my weaning from milk was so stressful – dairy products are literally addictive, especially cheese: a kilo of cheese is ten liters of condensed milk. But perhaps the most surprising fact is yet to come: milk is bad for our bones. Yes, you read that right – studies have shown that we absorb barely any calcium from cow’s milk, and on top of that, dairy products still devour the body’s own supply of calcium in the bones. Due to the content of animal proteins, milk acidifies the body, and this acidity is neutralized by the body with calcium, which it draws from the bones. So it’s no wonder that statistically, countries where people eat the least dairy have the least osteoporosis.

Do you find all this hair-raising attractive? You have every right to do so, but let me mention the following: in 2009, about 14,000 American women who contracted breast cancer while taking hormone replacement therapy sued the manufacturer, and the court found that the company medical research reports, advertise the unproven benefits of the drug and conceal the true extent of its side effects – to fill the pockets of manufacturers at the expense of human health and life. We live in such a world. So you still find it so unthinkable that they are misleading us about milk? Remember, say, how shamelessly the tobacco industry hid studies that linked smoking to lung cancer. Is the thought that the dairy industry would rather keep silent about the harmfulness of milk really so amazing?

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