Transport of live animals

Every year, billions of living animals are transported worldwide, ranging from poultry, live cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses … to aquatic organisms. Many transportation lasts for hours and days or even weeks. By far, most animals are transported from one country to another. from one place to another within the country for food. Living animals are even transported by ships to other continents. Animals are transported to other countries mainly because of food, as they are slaughtered there and the meat is sold. During transport, many animals get sick, injure or even die. The suffering of animals, which are usually kneaded on a means of transportation, in the absence of food and water, covered with their own feces, is immense. Also, the loading and unloading of animals is suffering for animals. Such transports are extremely inhumane. Animals for carriers, as well as those who sold them and referred to the buyer, do not represent a living being, but just a thing that brings them money and profit.

Does anyone who breeds animals for slaughter, giving milk and eggs or other economic interests have a love for these animals? So does he love these animals? This is especially true because many farmers who make a living by raising animals state that they love their animals. to love them.

So he who loves an animal cares for the good and benefit of that animal. Is the transport of animals on a ship or in a large truck, where the suffering animals are kneaded, for the benefit and good of these animals? Clearly not. Does the livestock farmer who does this really love his animals? Clearly not, even though he claims so. Because actions are important, not words! Does a livestock farmer who has dairy cows really love you, even though he claims it? If this farmer takes away the calves of a calf and separates them so violently, is it good for mother and child? Clearly not. Is it good and useful for a mother dairy to be locked up for years and years in a small space where she has the status of a dairy factory. Clearly not. Is this then the love of the stockbreeder for his own dairy cow? It may be about love, but not about animals, but about something else. Is it a farmer’s love for his own animal if he sends it to a slaughterhouse, even though he claims it? And it practically works day after day, year after year? Is the brutal taking of animal life also part of love? And in the slaughterhouse, the beastly slaughter of animals immediately after slaughter? Is violent taking of life for the benefit of well-sacrificed animals? If it were, it would be absurd. Is the bloody slaughter of a pig on a slaughterhouse for the benefit and good of that animal, that is, love, even though the owner claims to love the pig?

Many livestock producers say that in addition to love of animals including humans. Do I love to people that they stockbreeders provide food, for example. meat and milk, which is scientifically proven to be very harmful and cause many diseases of civilization. Is what we produce and livestock producers has proven detrimental to the good and benefit of those people who enjoy it? So love the livestock farmers to consumers. If it were, this would be absurd!

Commercial livestock can not be love for animals, nor the people can, of course, but also to the nature of not. You can, of course, “love” to something else, for example. money, causing suffering … One of the prerequisites for the love of animals is that in this “živinorejcu” live up to its natural death and the conditions in the given circumstances as similar as possible to those in which animals live in the wild. Accordingly, it is necessary to add at least the essence of the golden rule: what you do not want to make the other do not make it so. For the golden rule also applies in relation to animals, of course, but also to the rest of nature. Everything is interconnected.
Transport of live animals should be abolished. The only exception is that the transport takes place, if it is in favor of the animals. Anyone can contribute to abolish the cruel transport of live animals so that first become a vegetarian and then vegan ASAP.

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