Bryan Adams: If you love animals, don’t eat them!

Popular Canadian singer Brian Adams does not visit zoos, does not kiss women who eat meat and opposes wearing fur. The popular author of rock ballads has already rescued whales in Antarctica, and now, as time allows, he will “dedicate” himself to the conversion of all meat eaters.

Since his word, he counts, is not the devil that he would not have succeeded at least some.

Bryan Adams has been a vegetarian for 17 years. It cannot look closed animals, so it does not walk in zoos and circuses. But he is most angry that when they take the meat from the shopping shelf, people never think that the latter once belonged to a living being. He also acknowledged that the thought that he should kiss a girl who name between his teeth is still a cow processed into a burger. Personally, he is convinced that it is a great gift to have meat at his disposal or not, he is sorry that he did not have that freedom when he was a child.

He became actively involved in the fight for animal rights a decade ago, and one of his first projects was postcards against killing whales, which, more than half a million, divided into one of his tours. Currently, in connection with Sadie Frost, she is involved in the campaign against wearing fur.

Bryan claims that his health has improved significantly as he passed on to vegan diet. He got rid of allergies, has no problems with body weight and has more energy than most of his acquaintances. He tells all his fans, “If you love animals, don’t eat them!”

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