1.no start you can feel worse

It had already happened that I heard some experience from whom who decided to try vegan diets soon desperate as he felt worse than before. Possible well -being is quite possible but not because we lack nutrients and our body needs meat, milk or eggs, but the cause of worse well -being is elsewhere. Namely, when you remove meat, milk and eggs from your diet, the following happens in your body. The digestion of plant nutrition is much easier and your body gains the time it can consume elsewhere, so happily starts sweeping the house and cleaning the dirt that has accumulated in you for a long time.

Animal food is rich in unhealthy saturated fats, cholesterol, protein and contains absolutely no fiber and water, which means that our body will have a difficult digestive task.

Since the body of all the quantities of all that I have not successfully eliminated from the body, some of it lingers in the body, and because such foods are eaten constantly, the body does not have time to get rid of poisons. So, in fact, malaise is a reason for joy. The body is cleansing !!! However, since the dirt comes into the blood and blood circulates throughout the body, your well -being worsens. But don’t worry. These problems will be soon and don’t give up. When the phase is past, you will feel much better. Of course, for plant foods, it is important that it is unprocessed, low -fat and balanced.

  1. You need to get used to new flavors Passionate carnivores often report that vegan food is tasteless. Good. Depends on what they tried and how spicy this dish was. Namely, the meat diet, especially processed meat food, is full of aromas and strong flavor enhancers. Because someone’s taste buds are accustomed to such strong flavors, and through this process of constantly tasting these strong flavors, they also get a little confused, food that is more natural seems tasteless. But over time, the palate clears and gets used to the natural flavors. If I imagined that I would have to eat unsalted food from tomorrow onwards, I would probably find everything sucks, but in time I would get used to such a taste. Your palates will slowly get used to other flavors and I can assure you that you will enjoy vegan food. At the beginning, I recommend several spices with which you can recreate good flavors.
  2. Veganism is not synonymous with health It is a mistake to think that someone who is vegan is already automatically living a very healthy life. It is true that the consumption of fats and the amount of protein is lower, as plant foods already have a lower proportion of fat and more body-friendly protein. If you would like to know more about proteins themselves, I suggest you read the article Proteins – what they are, how much we need them and whether they can harm us. But even veganism can be unhealthy. There are many processed vegan foods on the market today that are not good for our health. Various veggie sausages, straw, hot dogs, recreated plant versions of meat dishes, etc., are by no means part of a healthy and balanced diet. Also, vegetable oils, sugar, fried foods and high-fat foods do not fall into the category of healthy foods. T.i. There is a lot of junk food in veganism, and on top of that, they very quickly lure us into a trap of quick pleasures that do not bring anything good to our well-being in the long run. So, anyone who wants to be a healthy vegan should reach for unprocessed foods as much as possible, cook balanced meals at home, do not interfere much with treats and snacks and should exclude from their kitchen or. keep to a minimum, if nothing else, vegetable oils and foods high in fat. Then there is still enough sleep, movement and the ability to alleviate stress. We must also be aware that every organism and its metabolism is different and that we all react differently to certain foods. But from my experience, I trust you with this. I am much healthier than I am vegan. I also feel much more every mistake I make to my body and it responds very quickly to my nausea by finding out very quickly what I don’t like, what I ate too much the day before, and in this way I can orient myself by listening to my body and I follow the natural needs of my body. Over time, when the body and mind on a plant-based diet are cleansed, the need for a poor diet decreases and we naturally begin to resort to healthy foods. I assure you of this from my experience.

4.Izguba weight is not guaranteed

With a vegan diet is certainly to lose weight. Is eliminated from the diet is high in fat and body weight begins to fall slowly. But not necessarily so. If someone still loves prejudice sweet, is a high-fat plant foods in larger quantities and use foods that contain simple sugars such as sweetened drinks, white flour products … can be weight loss stops. In order to lose weight, it is necessary to interfere with the healthy foods and avoid adding oils in the diet. Over time, excess fat will melt. The process can always speed up the daily movement, which will contribute to burning fat.

5.Read declarations on all products

At the beginning of my vegan journey, I remember most of all how horrified I was in the shops about where all the milk and eggs were going. I found that I really need to read everything, as milk and eggs are added even where I wouldn’t expect. In the beginning, there is a little more work to do as we learn about new foods and make a selection of what we can buy and what we can’t, but over time we already know where our favorite vegan products are. And be careful. Manufacturers sometimes add a non-vegan ingredient without warning or, if you are abroad, that a product made for the Slovenian market does not contain any animal origin abroad, but the same product contains. Manufacturers work a little differently for each market and caution is never superfluous. Reading the declarations seems to me to be a good decision also because it can be used to determine foods that are vegan but not exactly healthy because of added e-foods and other unnatural ingredients that are harmful to our health in the long run. As consumers, we certainly become much more aware and get to know the products better by reading the declarations.

  1. Add B12 B12 is the only essential vitamin that makes sense to add. Otherwise, B12 should be added by every earthling, whether meat or not. Lack of this vitamin has led to our overly sterile lives. Namely, B12 is a vitamin produced by certain bacteria. It is mostly found in the earth. If you go online, you will come across information that it is mostly in the flesh. Why this is so should be highlighted. The cow was grazing and biting the grass, and next to it she ate B12, which ended up in her meat. When we eat this meat, absorption is very questionable as our body has to separate B12 from protein and in the end the utilization of this vitamin is very questionable. Here, however, the following question also arises. Why filter B12 intake through animals? Isn’t it better to buy a supplement and thus secure a more reliable source that does not involve the death of an innocent creature? In addition, the need for B12 is very low. 3 milligrams a day is enough
  1. Give others to drink only as much as they are thirsty I notice that the vast majority of us vegans are the ones who made the same initial mistakes. If I remember myself, I wanted to share my discoveries with the whole world. I was of the opinion that it is right for others to know what is happening to animals and how much we can improve our health and, after all, the whole world. But I was very, very wrong as I overwhelmingly fell on deaf ears and even turned out to be someone who rapes with his ideas and blames others. But that was not my intention. I got burned first before I realized the whole delusion. If you mention to someone that something is not working properly, they will defend themselves with all four and nutrition is a very sensitive topic. People are especially sensitive to their favorite foods such as cheese or meat steak. That is why I put it to your heart. Choose your mode of activism. Don’t tell everyone about your discoveries. Be careful with words and talk if you see the interlocutor is interested and he happily started asking you questions. Otherwise, for the sake of good relations, you better stay. However, if you feel that you would like to do more, write about it, join a society that advocates for animal rights, attend a rally, etc.
  2. Sometimes you will get strange looks and annoying questions Veganism is growing in full swing. There are more and more people who understand this lifestyle, even though they do not use it themselves and are very understanding. But there are also those who will look at you as a third wonder and will like to joke at your expense in a very immature way. Don’t let people like that bother you. They are not yet far enough to understand the whole point of the vegan movement. Always keep this in mind when you come across such people. There is nothing wrong with you only they do not understand.
  3. We are socially disadvantaged vegans Although there are already a lot of vegan offers outside and the market is following this trend diligently, it still happens that we remain vegan when we go to the social world, deprived. Sometimes we will be invited to a celebration at an inn that has no vegan choice and we will be forced to eat only potatoes and cooked vegetables. In such cases, I recommend that you call the inn yourself and ask what can be obtained. Or agree with the person organizing the celebration what to prepare for you. Even barbecue picnics are sometimes a nasty thing. The best way to solve these things is to bring them with you unless otherwise agreed. I also suggest that you find cafes where they offer vegetable milk and offer ice cream without cow’s milk, and most of you go there so that you don’t always have to drink extended coffee.
  1. In the kitchen, indulge in your imagination and explore Vegan cuisine is very diverse, colorful and delicious. At the very beginning, we do not know what and how to cook. Which foods combine with what spices. Today we can be very pleased that the information is circulating so quickly and there are many vegan recipes outside. You explore and try. For starters, find some great dishes that you will prepare. Over time, increase this range. Enroll in groups on social networks where vegans are united and ask questions around the cook if you don’t know anything. Well you can always write to me too. If you would like to do it, write to me via the contact form. I’m happy to help. I also suggest recipes from abroad. If you are unknown to you, take the concept and idea of ​​the recipe and make your own. So creativity and imagination and once again creativity and imagination, and you will quickly see that vegan cuisine is simple and delicious. Along your way, you will encounter different problems but wear in your heart that you have become a vegan decision.

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