Veganism should be the moral basis for everyone, but unfortunately the media regularly worries that people don’t recognize it. We live in a system based on milking and sucking out beings, both physically and mentally. It is a system that does not wish good to people or animals, because if it were, I would tell them what is healthy for them, instead of bombarding them by promoting meat, animal products and other harmful, even toxic products. If this system really wished people well, it would tell them through the media what they can and should do if they want to be healthy, instead of constantly forcing them to think, behave and produce products that do the exact opposite – make them sick , both in body and in head and soul. Together with his co-creator, he therefore promotes veganism as an absolute, fundamental condition for achieving peace – peace in the souls of people and consequently peace on Earth.

The pharmaceutical industry worships only one god: money. In this issue of the journal you are holding in your hands, you can also read, among other things, how, when, why and for what purpose the pharmaceutical industry and official medicine were created, and who is responsible for their creation. Don’t be fooled anymore that they care about you and your health. If they did, they would not constantly and constantly force animal carcasses and excrements on you, offer you products tested on animals, and convince you with all their might – through advertisements, advertisements – how much you need all this.

Have you ever wondered how much power the media has? Have you ever thought about the fact that you may be so programmed that you don’t see beyond the frames they imposed on you, and you naively think you chose them yourself? Why, on the other hand, a system that promotes the consumption of animal carcasses and their secretions at every turn, every second of the day (which is already scientifically proven to harm our health), offers “medicines” and “vaccines” that should benefit and even save people? from some deadly disease that is so terribly dangerous that it – paradoxically – protects us from a piece of plastic, chemical-soaked fabric that we tie through our mouths and noses when we go to the store?

Only with common strength can we create a better, more beautiful world that will necessarily have to be vegan. However, this world will not be able to live as long as there is this system based on the exploitation, milking and abuse of everything alive. No; This world will only be created on the old -fashioned mountain. This will be a whole new world, different from everything we’ve ever known. Join us in co -creating this world. But the first condition is to take full responsibility for your life into your own hands.

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