Nettle: Food that protects against breakage

Nettle as a vegetable was already included in the diet of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The usefulness of nettles in the diet was written by thinkers such as Horace and Hippocrates, and the Roman thinker Pliny wrote that young nettles are the healthiest food for the body in the spring and protect it from evil.

And even today, nettles are used in the diet. Young spring tops and leaves are best. From precipitated, raw young nettles we can make delicious salads, spreads and soups. Today, they are often used to make smoothies, where their healing power is especially evident.

When cooking nettles, be careful not to throw away the water in which you cooked them, as it is full of useful minerals! There are also many possibilities for using nettles in the diet. Similar to spinach and Swiss chard, we also use nettle. It can be added to boiled potatoes or other vegetables, used to make delicious soup, stew, offered as a side dish, used to fill wraps, added to meat fillings, added to vegetable risottos and toppings, and made into pesto with pine nuts. on pasta. In early spring, when the shoots are young and still tender, they are perfectly blanched, topped with olive oil and richly sprinkled with chopped Pesto.

When we have a lot of nettles in the garden, it is right to dry them. We crush / grind the dried leaves into a powder and enrich various dishes with it (especially in winter).

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