Animals used for entertainment

During a visit to the circus, we rarely ask ourselves what motivates an animal to do something unnatural, even dangerous, such as. jumping through fire, jumping on one leg, or jumping into the water from swaying platforms high in the air. Animal trainers would like to convince the audience to entice animals into such behavior with the promise of rewards. But in reality, these animals perform because they fear punishment. Animals accustomed to living freely in the wild are doomed in the circus to small lean cages, without normal movement and socialization. They drive them from place to place and up to 95 percent of their lives are chained. ”

“Are zoos valuable, educational and protective institutions? Of course, zoos are interesting, but they are instructive only in the sense that they teach us to disregard the nature of other living things. What can we learn about wildlife if we watch them in captivity? Zoos exist because people are interested in exotic things. And for zoo visitors, animals are just that … things. In both cases, in circuses and zoos, wild animals are trapped, caged, transported and taught to do what humans demand of them. ”

“Apart from the loss of the natural environment, hunting is a major threat to the life and livelihood of animals in the wild. Hunters kill over 200 million animals each year. Deer, roe deer, rabbits and squirrels are at the top of the list of most common targets. There is no denying that … If hunting is a sport, then it is a bloody sport. The targets are alive and suffering a violent death. “

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