The purpose of milk is to feed pups of the same species

Man is the only species that consumes the milk of another species! Man is the only species that consumes milk when he is an adult!

By consuming milk, we support the suffering and death of cows and calves

The purpose of milk is to feed pups of the same species. It is not natural for animals to drink milk of some other kind. Many people are unaware that the suffering and death of cows and calves is behind the production of milk and dairy products. Milk and dairy products are not only not essential in the diet of children and adults, but are harmful to health. They are associated with many diseases such as atherosclerosis, breast cancer, prostate cancer, allergies, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and others.

Did you know that:

  • cows are forced to have calves every year?
  • cows carry 9 months and milk them 7-10 months a year?
  • the calf is taken from the mother immediately after birth, despite the strong maternal bond between the cow and her newborn calf?
  • are veal and skin by-products of the dairy industry and that 20% of calves continue the agony of cows in the dairy industry?
  • Cows are forced to have 10 times more milk than in the wild, which is fully exploited in the dairy industry, while calves receive substitute food?
  • calves live in isolation in a wooden box without the possibility of movement, and the secretions are lowered under themselves and after 3-4 months go to slaughter? If we understand nature, let us not close our eyes to the facts
  • 90% of calves are removed from their mothers within 24 hours
  • 50% of calves have never suckled breast milk
  • veal – the fate of most male calves when they are 4 months old
  • 20 years – natural age of the cow
  • beef – the fate of a dairy cow after 5-6 years
  • 3 liters per day – natural milk production
  • 30 liters per day – factory milk production Therefore, we also support the meat industry by consuming milk. To make ethics and compassion an integral part of our lives, we can replace milk and dairy products with a wide range of delicious vegan products such as oat milk, rice milk, nut milk, cheese of various fruits.

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