Reasons why you should enjoy elderberry.!.

Elderberry is an extremely medicinal plant as it contains many medicinal ingredients. In folk medicine it is most valued for the treatment of inflammation, fever, promotes sweating and relieves respiratory problems.

From spring to autumn

In April and May we harvest young shoots and young leaves. Flowers are harvested only in sunny weather in June, and September is the time to pick ripe strawberries. It grows in sunny positions and at the edges of forests and clearings. It will be difficult to find him in the forest itself. They also grow up to 10 meters high. The flowers are yellowish white, from them first develop green, then red and black berries. They have a characteristic and also very intense, aromatic scent. The taste of the flowers is bitter, while the raw fruits have a completely different smell and taste. Raw and fresh strawberries are not edible.

Healing properties

We do not eat raw elderberries. Ingestion causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and may even cause chills. The leaves in spring contain emulin, invertin, potassium nitrate, sucrose, sambucin and a number of other medicinal substances. All these active ingredients stimulate the functioning of sweat glands and accelerate the excretion of urine. In this way, they remove toxins from the body. Tea from the leaves and shoots also lowers blood sugar levels. Herbalists recommend drinking elderberry tea during colds and in those diseases whose condition is quickly corrected by heavy sweating. It is also used to restore blood, treat inflammation, fight fever and relieve respiratory problems. The leaves can also be used as an antiseptic compress for wounds and to repel insects. Elderberry tea can also be a great laxative. Flower oil is an excellent remedy for cracked skin.

Elderberries should never be eaten by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, as all parts contain toxic alkaloids.

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