Vegetarians don’t kill animals’ – one of the biggest misconceptions today

Those who decided to do it simply because it suits them better – they do not like to eat meat. And that’s OK. However, there are many more who will say that they opted for such a diet out of love for animals, compassion and to stop their killing. This second group is totally wrong. Not only do they participate in killing animals just like us (omnivores), but they even do more harm to the animal world than we do.

At least that’s what Claudio Bertonatti from Argentina claims, one of the most famous naturalists, people who have dedicated their lives to nature. In his article “Vegan delusion”, he warned why eating vegetables continues to support the killing of animals. He has drawn the wrath of thousands of vegans and vegetarians, as well as his environmental colleagues. However, if we listen to his arguments, we must admit that they make sense.

“I was an ardent vegetarian. As a teenager, I grew up interested in nature. I thought I would avoid killing many animals if I became a vegetarian. Later I studied the subject a little better, I went wild and studied the wildlife there and then I changed his mind, ”Bertonatti explains in an interview with

“I went to the countryside to study wildlife. I realized there were no birds in the cereal fields, and what little was found was persecuted by farmers. As a vegetarian, I actually influenced less killing of domestic animals, but not wild ones.”

In Argentina, many think they are fighting for animals if they do not eat meat or wear leather clothes. They think that if there are more vegetarians, fewer animals will be killed. That is not correct. From the moment man began to grow cereals and work in the fields, he had already made an impact on nature and the entire flora and fauna. There is no animal species that is not connected in the system, the survival of some depends on the death of others, either directly or indirectly. I understand that this realization can be painful. And I would love to live in an ideal world, ”he explains.

When I say that, many feel attacked. Rice, corn, pasta … Most vegetarians eat it. The first impact of their production is ‘deshumization’: we force nature to make room for cereals. In Argentina, rainforests burn and so many animals are fried. species to create cereal fields.Then they have to defend the fields from birds that come to feed on them.Many farmers use poisons against these birds.For other animals they set up electric fences or hunt them with rifles.So if you eat meat you participate in killing but even if you eat vegetables, you are still involved in killing animals. “

“Most of us, who live in cities, do not know enough about animal life. Many do not know how to list more than 10 animal species. We all know about cows, pigs, horses, goats … And that’s where our interest ends. As well as our feelings about animal life. But still, for vegans, violence against animals, any, would be philosophically inconsistent, “Bertonatti concludes.

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