Turmeric and its healing effects


Turmeric is a spice that originates from the tropics of Asia and its Sanskrit name Haridra means yellow. Due to its many healing effects, it should find a place in every kitchen. Turmeric is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat allergies, immune problems, liver disease and neurological disorders. It can be added to stews or drinks, served with vegetables, and can be used to color it

How do we get the most out of turmeric?

Turmeric best develops its effect if it is combined with fat, ie ghee or coconut oil, and ground black pepper is added to it. Pepper carries the active substances deeper into the tissues and multiplies its action. It is also recommended to combine turmeric with sweet-tasting foods. It can be rice, sweet potatoes, rice or almond milk, coconut, almonds,… This will also help the active ingredients of turmeric to penetrate deeper into the tissues. We can now understand why turmeric capsules, which are commercially available and consumed only with water, do not have the right effect. It is best to add turmeric to stews, risottos, lentils, kitchari, stewed vegetables or fruits.

Turmeric has the following effects:

destroys toxins in the gut and pathogenic bacteria

promotes a healthy digestive tract

has a preventive effect on bowel cancer

inhibits the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body

helps with diabetes and excess adipose tissue

works against inflammation in the body

pure blood

lowers cholesterol levels

has a positive effect on skin problems, especially eczema and psoriasis

cleanses the liver and helps with gallstone problems

anti-inflammatory effects help with inflamed joints, arthritis

acts antibacterial and antioxidant

prevents Alzheimer’s disease

is a natural analgesic

gargling warm water with turmeric prevents and soothes sore throat

Turmeric basically regulates vata, pitta and kapha dosha, in larger quantities it can increase pitta dosha. Its taste is burning, bitter and astringent, the energy is warm, and its post-digestive effect is burning.

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