Reasons for veganism-if you didn’t know

Do you know what binds Tobey Maguire who played Spiderman, actress Mayim Hoya Bialik from The Big Bang Theory, singer Ariana Grande and athlete Carl Lewis? They all made the decision to eat vegan. Veganism is spreading across the planet. Millions of people today are vegans, and thousands of people join them every week. Be one of them!

There are many reasons for veganism: it is healthy, it is good for our planet, it helps reduce the number of hungry people in the world, it is good for animals and it is very tasty! Changing our diet is the best way to show that we care about animals and to oppose cruelty to animals.

Anyone who is vegan can rightly be proud because it contributes to their health, the environment, the well-being of other people and saves the lives of animals. By not buying animal meat, eggs, dairy products and products of animal origin, you show your compassion for everyone around you. The most important thing is what each of us can do to make the world a better place. To Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The time is always ripe to do something good.”

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