Mushroom leather: An alternative that will save our planet?

Mushroom leather: An alternative that will save our planet?

Vegan alternatives to leather could save much more than just animal lives. A group of scientists has high hopes for mushroom leather, which they believe will be a new replacement for animal leather. Mushroom mycelium can be a great replica of animal leather and predictions include a solution to our planet. What exactly is mushroom leather and how exactly is it supposed to save our planet already?

Mushroom leather can save even our planet

MycoWorks CEO Matt Scullin announced a few months ago that mushroom leather would change the whole “game”. It is supposed to unlock the future of creation, which would begin with material and not object. Many didn’t even know what he was talking about back then, but now things are much clearer. There was literally talk of mushroom leather. How do they get it?

Mycelium is a substance that can also be obtained from fungi and mushrooms on laboratory trays. It easily mimics the look and feel of real leather, while greatly surpassing it in strength and perseverance. The aforementioned material also recently had its premiere, when it was a key part of the exclusive Hermes handbag at a fashion show.

“It can awaken in us the same level of emotional connection as real leather. It feels exactly the same and gives the impression of rarity and value, ”said Matt Scullin. Sam believes that both the technology and the idea of ​​a zero carbon impression are revolutionary. So is leather made of mushrooms and with its properties it definitely offers the possibility of further development and use.

Alternatives to animal leather and the usefulness of mushrooms

Leather products accounted for as much as fifteen percent of the luxury market in 2019. This is why green alternatives could play an even more important role in the luxury market. Mushrooms certainly do not enjoy glamorous status, but with continued research on their usefulness, this will definitely change. Recall that scientists have already used the fungus for bricks and a possible settlement on the moon.

“I want to support a fashion world that is committed to sustainability. Fungi have so much potential that we can actually tackle the problems and obstacles that arise. I have always been open to advanced and revolutionary ideas in fashion and I am interested in how mushrooms can contribute to all this, ”said Scullina, supported by Merlin Sheldrake, author of a book on the usefulness of mushrooms and a biologist. Together with Scullin, they form the team of the upcoming conference, which will include Vivienne Westwood and Tommy Hilfiger, among others.

Mushroom leather would dramatically reduce environmental pollution, kill animal species for the fashion industry, and trigger new research into mycelium and fungi in general. This could have a tremendous impact on our planet, as mushrooms and fungi offer a substance that is easy to grow in laboratories and in large quantities.

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