Do you know the healing effects of chickpeas?

Chickpeas are a legume that is extremely popular in Indian cuisine, but it is also becoming more and more popular in our country. Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, folate and zinc, and are almost free of fats and harmful cholesterol.

Chickpeas are an indispensable legume in the diet of athletes, vegetarians and diabetics, and they are increasingly on the menu of more aware ordinary mortals. Regular consumption of chickpeas helps prevent cardiovascular disease and improves blood counts, as the fiber it contains lowers the levels of poor LDL cholesetrol and triglycerides. In addition, it takes care of good digestion and binds toxins from the intestines, keeps the kidneys clean, has a beneficial effect on spleen function and protects against diabetes. Due to its low glycemic index (between 28 and 32), it prevents sudden fluctuations in blood sugar and is therefore also suitable for the diet of diabetics.

Vegetarians enjoy it as a substitute for red meat, as it also contains up to 25 percent protein, but without harmful saturated fats and excess calories. Because grains are high in fiber and have a low glycemic index, they saturate you for a long time and fill you with energy, making them also suitable for those who want to lose excess weight.

In addition to being rich in protein, chickpeas also contain B vitamins (folate), A, C, D, E and important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

if you prepare it?

Chickpeas can be added to lettuce, tomato salad, pasta sauces, risottos or pasta, and it also goes well with soups and stews. Pressed can also be used as a spread. You can buy chickpeas dry or canned. Dried chickpeas should be soaked overnight for at least 12 hours, and in the morning the water in which it was soaked should be drained, as it has excreted natural toxic compounds that are not good to eat. Once soaked, cook them in fresh water for about half an hour. Cooked chickpeas are sweet and the seed coat is light so it just dissolves in your mouth.

So if you want to prepare a healthy and tasty meal, then don’t forget to add chickpeas. Have a good run!

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