Dangerous bacteria linger in the meat!

The same is true in society. ‘Pathogenic organisms’ will always find a way to get to the top of politics, economics or science, and it is society’s immune system that decides whether an infection will spread dangerously or we will deal quickly with these ‘parasites’. We are witnessing the fact that a similar cleansing process is taking place both at the level of individuals and at the level of society. People were slowly realizing that the basic immune system was fully intact. They also realized that it was in the interest of corporations and the party system to be so. Exhausted bodies are the ‘promised land of every microbe!

Let’s look at it from the other side. Just who of you hasn’t heard of the harmfulness of antibiotics? How much should we avoid them and if only it is better not to enjoy them at all? We have all heard about it and we all try not to eat them, but no one warned us to avoid meat and meat products? Wondering why and why this statement?

The meat industry is the largest consumer of antibiotics. Moreover, consumption in humans is declining and consumption in animals is steadily rising. In Europe, we are a bit more ‘frugal’, while in the USA in 2011 11.19 billion kilograms of antibiotics were used in animal husbandry. At the same time, people consumed about 3.6 billion kilograms. If it weren’t for the official data released by the FDA, we wouldn’t be able to believe that something like this is true. Even more worrying, however, is the NARMS report, the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System, in which the FDA publishes test data on antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

78% of the Salmonella bacteria found in turkey meat were resistant to three or more antibiotics.

Nearly 75% of Salmonella bacteria in chicken breast sampled on store shelves were resistant to at least one antibiotic. To this must be added that salmonella was found in about 12% of chicken and turkey meat samples.

Approximately 95% of chicken products were contaminated with Campylobacter, and half of these bacteria were resistant to tetracycline (a type of antibiotic). This percentage is an increase compared to 2002.

So who is lying to us and why are they misleading us? We are really just a number in capitalism that contributes to more or less income. And an even better question is when will we wake up and start consciously boycotting unhealthy foods and prefer to turn to the surrounding farms where we can check the way cattle are fed? The meat on the plate should be rarer, but then it should be really high quality and not full of antibiotics, pesticides and other substances unfit for consumption.

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