Animals wonder why they have to live like this?

We see cows grazing or chickens in the yard and we think these animals are beautiful. Clearly, these animals live better than most of their friends of the same species, who cannot graze or walk freely in the yard. More and more people are asking who or what animals are or what their task on Earth is? If you were to ask animals what their life mission is on this Earth, they would surely answer that their mission is to become friends with humans and to learn from them to live according to the law of our Creator. But what would a man answer to animals if asked what their life task is? 300 years ago, the philosopher Descartes explained that animals and plants are inanimate machines. Even the human body was seen by Descartes only as a machine whose soul is located in the pineal gland. For science in the 19th century, soul and spirit exist only as a flow of chemical processes. With the advent of quantum physics and holistic biology, however, the materialist worldview is increasingly receding. Thus, e.g. morphological fields after learning the quantum physics of structure in the fine-grained energy fields that permeate the entire universe. These same energy fields are the spiritual reality and are responsible for making everything in the universe connected to the invisible ribbon.

Communication tape between humans and animals
For the English biologist and writer Rupert Sheldrake, morphological fields act as channels for communication telepathy between humans and animals. Sheldrake says these fields can be called differently, adding: “We are on the threshold of a new understanding of the essence of the spirit. ”In the spiritual literature e.g. in the book “You, Animal, You Man – Who is Worth More” we can read that the spirit is the one who pervades everything – every atom, every cell, every plant, every animal and every man and that he is the one who enables communication between animals and humans. He argues that telepathy between man and animals works on the basis of what man carries in his subconscious and consciousness. Consciousness and subconsciousness constantly radiate, the animal e.g. the dog smells this and at the same time images are formed in his consciousness, similar or identical to those radiated by the human subconscious or consciousness or as images transmitted by the person to the dog in the previous communication. Thus, the animal, the dog retains in itself the scent of man-guardian, environment and home. If e.g. now this dog far away from his guardian, a telepathic bond can be built between the dog and the guardian and this at the moment when the man begins to think of his dog. The human guardian activates in the dog the already built frequencies in the dog, through which the telepathic connection begins to be built. Many people know that animals feel, that they rejoice, that they feel pain, that they have a premonition e.g. when a guardian comes to them, they have an extraordinary ability to orient themselves, but these people are of the opinion that animals are soulless, that they are inanimate machines, and that God created them for human food. Most Christians think that God allows the slaughter and consumption of animals through the Bible. We would like to ask these Christians what is correct in the Bible, which speaks in various places now for and now against animals: Is the statement of the prophet Isaiah: “Whoever kills an ox is like killing a man?” God’s commandment Do not kill also applies to animals; or that part of the Old Testament where it is written that priests must slaughter the victims, sleep and eat this same ox. The same Bible also says that Jesus was born among the animals that received him and warmed him in a cold room with his warm breath because the people of his parents did not want to take him to the lodge.

This Bible says that Jesus ate fish and lamb, which for many means he was not a vegetarian, but many are not aware that there are scriptures that explain what really happened to Jesus. According to all known scientific and spiritual analyzes of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, there is no doubt that He and His immediate successors, that is, the first Christians, were vegetarians. It is known that Jesus did not command the slaughter of the lamb for the Passover, but that this lamb was offered to Him and his apostles, and that out of the courtesy of the food offered, He did not refuse. Jesus ’love for animals, our little brothers, is documented in many, unbiblical, writings. According to the society, today’s scientific and spiritual studies on animals should take today’s man so far as to change his attitude towards animals and create a vision of the future when the horrible state of animals, especially in the pre-Christmas period, would change radically. and the animals become friends and rejoice in the freedom of the children of God brought by Jesus of Nazareth through his birth, life, and sacrifice on Golgotha. In the Bible, in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans, it is written that creation will also become free from the slavery of the past and will enjoy the beauty of the freedom of God’s children. Isn’t this a call to today’s Christians to change their attitude towards animals?

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